Social Planning


What is Social Planning?

Social Planning is a process that helps communities identify strengths and weaknesses and determine ways to improve the quality of life of their citizens. Social Planning involves working with community members, non-profit agencies, municipal departments, other levels of government and local businesses to address issues such as housing and homelessness, multiculturalism, accessibility, health and other services for children, youth, families and seniors.

Delta’s Role in Social Planning

  • Advocacy
  • Planning & Policy
  • Programs & Services
  • Facilities
  • Funding
  • Direct service intervention when needed

Delta has an important role in improving communication and collaboration with external agencies and is viewed as a partner in addressing social inclusion and connection within the community. As part of social planning, Delta works to identify service duplication, gaps and needs and seek out opportunities to address them. Where opportunities do not exist, advocacy by Mayor and Council is of great importance.

Delta’s Corporate Social Planner

In early 2016, Council approved the creation of a new Corporate Social Planner position within Delta. A Corporate Social Planner was appointed in March 2016.

A critical first priority for the Corporate Social Planner was the development of Delta’s Social Profile, which represents a first step towards the integration of social planning into the fabric of Delta’s policy and decision-making.

If you have questions regarding community social services or social planning in Delta, contact Delta’s Corporate Social Planner:

Gillian McLeod
Tel: 604-946-3273

Delta’s Social Profile 2017

Delta’s Social Profile – 2017, provides an overview of the Delta community and identifies the agencies, government departments and organizations that contribute to the well-being of Delta citizens. The report includes an assessment of the social support system and identifies future goals and priorities.

Delta’s Social Profile is a working document that will be updated regularly and reported on annually by the Corporate Social Planner. In the fall of 2017, Delta’s Social Action Plan for 2018 was developed based on the “next steps” identified in the Social Profile.  The Actions suggested by these next steps have been reviewed by City of Delta staff and community agencies and work plans now include solutions to provide innovative services to meet the needs of Delta’s residents. 

Social Service Agencies

In Delta, there are more than 130 agencies that provide social services to support local residents. The largest providers of social services in Delta include the City of Delta, Deltassist, Delta School District and the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC. Appendix A of the Social Profile is a list of Agencies serving Delta residents.

The above linked documents are constantly updated and our goal is to have the most current and accurate information. Please contact the Social Planner if you find an error, an omission or want to share further information.

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