Disaster Response Routes

Emergency planners and transportation engineers from all levels of government have cooperated to identify Disaster Response Routes. These are a network of roads that will be activated following a disaster or major emergency in order to best move emergency services and supplies to where they are needed.

Disaster Response Routes are not routes for the public. They are activated strictly to quickly and efficiently transport emergency services and supplies.

By designating and assigning these routes in advance of an emergency and providing key response personnel with the appropriate identification, we are ensuring the mobility of our first responders and their ability to respond in the quickest manner possible.

How Will I Know When the Routes are Activated?

Public service announcements on the radio will provide information regarding the activation of specific routes and what they are being used for.

What Can I do to Help?

When the routes are activated, residents will be asked to help keep the routes clear by moving parked cars and finding another way to get to their destination. Once the safety needs of the community have been addressed, the routes will be open for public use.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Transportation.

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