Building and Plumbing Permits

Delta's Building/Plumbing Bylaw (No. 6060), as amended, applies to all construction, alteration, reconstruction, demolition, removal, relocation and occupancy of all new and existing buildings and structures. Permits are required to be obtained prior to any work:

  • Applications for permits are reviewed for compliance with our local bylaws and provincial codes.
  • On-site inspections are conducted to ensure the work is being done correctly and in accordance with the building permit.

Successful completion of building and plumbing permits results in the building receiving an occupancy permit. This building permit becomes part of the permanent record in the property file. This information is important to future property owners since it assures them that the work was done in accordance with applicable zoning, health and life-safety regulations.

Permits are Required When You:

  • Build:
    • a building or structure that is larger than 10 m2 (108 ft2) in building area and higher than 600 mm (24 in)
    • a swimming pool, hot tub, or fish pond deeper than 450 mm (18 in)
    • a retaining wall exceeding 1.2 m (4ft) in height
    • a secondary suite 
  • Alter, add to, repair or renovate:
    • an existing building
    • a porch, sundeck, carport or garage
    • interior walls
    • previously unfinished floor areas (basements).
  • Demolish or move a building - see the Demolition Permits and Discontinuing Service Connection package, including Certificate of Insurance.
  • Install, alter or repair plumbing.
  • Install or alter gas lines. For gas and propane permit information, contact Technical Safety BC at
  • Install or alter electrical wiring or fixtures. For electrical and boiler permit information, contact Technical Safety BC at 1-866-566-7233.

Please be advised, the City of Delta’s Occupancy Permit requirements have been modified as follows: Effective immediately, the City of Delta will require Contractors at time of ‘Framing’ inspection to provide the Building Inspector with documentation verifying electrical and gas permit(s) have been issued by Technical Safety BC, (formally BC Safety Authority). This requirement will apply to all buildings classified under “Delta Building/Plumbing Bylaw No. 6060, 2002” as non-complex buildings.  For those projects in midstream or past the ‘Framing’ inspection stage, City staff will work with those applicants ensuring all the particulars for an occupancy permit are achieved.  If you have any questions, please contact your assigned building inspector or plans examiner for your project.

Applications for Building Permits

Applications for building permits are made at the Community Planning & Development Department. To make a complete application, please review the following checklists:

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Need a Building or Plumbing Inspection?

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Electrical/Gas Permits

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