Driveways, Sidewalks & Lane Closures

The Corporation of Delta Sidewalks and Driveways

Single family residences in Delta are allowed one driveway access only. Some exceptions are made where the lot frontage is at least twice the minimum required, and it can be demonstrated that a second driveway will improve safety.

Neighbourhood Road Improvements Plan

The Neighbourhood Road Improvements Plan is well under way with a full slate of 2017 projects. Learn more.

To pursue an exception, apply in writing, complete with a sketch and rationale, to the Roads and Transportation Division of the Engineering Department or email

If your residence currently has curb/gutter along its frontage (with or without a sidewalk), municipal crews (or approved contractor) must perform the works from the back of curb to the property line. The driveway material can be either asphalt or concrete. If you are building a driveway, it is recommended that you bring a sketch in to the Engineering Department for review (i.e. roadside and boulevard drainage).

You are required to obtain a Highway Use Permit. The minimum refundable damage deposit is $1,000 with a $101 permit fee, plus GST. As a resident, you are responsible for all construction costs.

Note: If removal of your driveway is required during future works, The City of Delta is only responsible to re-instate your driveway with asphalt. You will be required to pay the additional cost if you wish to upgrade this standard.


There are two options if you wish to have a sidewalk constructed on your street:

Delta Funded (usually sidewalks on major collector and arterial roadways)

Annual sidewalk program locations are selected from a Master Sidewalk List. Locations on the list are ranked by priority according to ten factors:

  1. Traffic volume
  2. Street classification
  3. Vehicle speed
  4. Existing facilities
  5. Alternate routes
  6. Proximity to schools, parks and commercial areas
  7. Transit routes
  8. Continuity of facilities
  9. Potential for adjacent development
  10. Age of request

Delta and Local Resident Funded (Local Area Service Program)

Proposed sidewalks may or may not meet the above criteria but don't rank high enough to be constructed in the near future. Learn more about Delta's Local Area Service Program.

Lane Closures

All closures of roadways and lanes must go through a public process and have the support of the neighbourhood and emergency service agencies. For more information, contact Engineering 604-946-3260 or email

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