Air Quality

Protecting Our Air

Delta-Air-QualityProtecting the quality of our air is an important part of Delta's efforts to mitigate climate change. Metro Vancouver is responsible for regulating air quality in the region, including Delta. Regional Air Quality Management Plans set specific goals and objectives with the purpose of improving air quality.

View Metro Vancouver’s Integrated Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan

Air Quality  Health Index

Metro Vancouver operates a series of permanent air quality monitoring stations throughout the Lower Fraser Valley that collect information on the level of pollutants in our air.

As a joint venture between Health Canada, Environment Canada and the B.C. Ministry of Environment, B.C. Air Quality is now active throughout British Columbia. This resource may be used to find out what air quality is like in other communities, including any current air quality advisories in the province.

Air Quality Complaints

If you are experiencing air quality issues such as smoke, odour, dust or emissions in your area please contact Metro Vancouver’s Air Quality Hotline at 604-436-6777 or fill out their online Air Quality Complaint Form.

Please keep in mind that Delta is an urban-agricultural community and at various times of year there may be strong odours coming from agricultural fields. These odours are permitted when farmers follow normal farm practices.

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