Free Sustainable Workshops

Each year, Delta offers free workshops to educate residents about sustainable gardening practices. Workshops are held in North and South Delta starting in the spring. Workshops are free, but registration is required.

Registration for March workshops starts now. Registration for the remaining workshops starts March 9.

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Thursday, March 9

Veggies 101: Planning your First Garden

Inspired to start growing your own food? Join this workshop for beginner gardeners to learn how to plan and plant your first vegetable garden. You'll learn about site selection, soil health basics and timing for planting, watering and harvesting. Draw prize!

Ladner Community Centre
7-8:30 pm        Instructor: Kristin Crouch

Tueday, March 14

Seed Starting

Give your garden a head start and start growing 
indoors this season. Learn about what you'll need to get started, creative ways to create appropriate light and temperature, ongoing care and troubleshooting and how and when to transition your plants outdoors.

Ladner Community Centre
7-8:30 pm       Instructor: Kristin Crouch

Thursday, March 16

Veggies 201: Digging Deeper into your Patch

This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of your garden and help you get a more bountiful harvest. Learn about feeding your plants, soil health, timing succession plantings and managing common garden pests. Bring your questions! Draw prize!

North Delta Recreation Centre
7-8:30 pm       Instructor: Kristin Crouch

Wednesday, March 22

The Mason Bee BUZZ

Mason bees are nature's early pollinators. Learn how to create habitat houses for these hardworking native insects in your garden. Workshop will cover when and where to place cocoons outdoors this spring. Draw prize!

Ladner Community Centre
7-8:30pm        Instructor: Ian Lai


Wednesday, April 19

All About Herbs

Complement vegetable gardens and meals by learning how to grow a variety of herbs and review basic growing and preservation methods to enjoy these culinary treats all year round. You will get to plant some herbs to take home.

North Delta Recreation Centre
7-8:30 pm        Instructor: Kristin Crouch

Wednesday, April 26

Small Space Gardening

Do you have limited growing space? Not a problem! Learn how to use containers, pots, pocket gardens, and terracing to maximize square footage for your favourite plants and vegetables this season. Draw prize!

North Delta Recreation Centre
7-8:30pm        Instructor: Ian Lai


Thursday, May 4

Crazy for Tomatoes

As the days warm up, it's time to think about summer salads and fresh garden tomatoes. Learn about the tomato varieties, how to 'pot up', where to plant and when to harvest. Plant and take home your own tomato seedling.

North Delta Recreation Centre
7-8:30pm          Instructor: Kristin Crouch

Saturday, May 6

Creating a Family Garden

Bring the family and learn quick and easy ways to involve your kids in growing food. Leave with plans for a pizza garden. This workshop is designed for families with children ages 5-12.

Ladner Community Centre
10-11:30 am        Instructor: Ian Lai

Wednesday, May 10

Backyard Composting

Composting produces a valuable nutrient-rich resource for your garden. And it's free! Learn how to start composting and maintain a successful bin year-round. Already composting? Learn tips to maximize your return with minimal effort. Draw prize!

North Delta Recreation Centre
7-8:30pm         Instructor: Ian Lai

Saturday, May 13

Bird Friendly Gardening

There are a number of ways to attract birds to your garden from planting native plants to providing safe stopover areas for them to eat, drink and nest. Learn gardening tips to attract butterflies and birds and to have a vibrant yard. Draw prize!

North Delta Recreation Centre
10-11:30 am        Instructor: Oliver Busby

Thursday, May 18

Managing the Chafer Beetle

Chafer beetles are becoming an emerging pest in Delta and can result in significant lawn damage. Learn about proper lawn maintenance to help prevent an infestation. Also, learn how to identify and treat an infestation naturally using nematodes. Draw prize!

North Delta Recreation Centre
7-8:30 pm        Instructor: Peter Isaacson

Wednesday, May 24

Water Wise Gardening

Get ready for another hot and dry summer! When it comes to conserving water in the garden, it's all about the soil. Learn about proper watering techniques, the benefit of using native plants and the effects of mulching and composting. Draw prize!

Harris Barn
7-8:30pm        Instructor: Ian Lai


Wednesday, June 21

Winter Gardening

We can grow food year-round on the West Coast, but we have to plan and get started early. Learn how to plan and prepare your garden for winter crops, tips on choosing plant varieties, managing the winter climate challenges of light, wind, and temperature and simple season extension techniques. Draw prize!

Ladner Community Centre
7-8:30pm         Instructor: Ian Lai

Saturday, June 24

Using Pesticides in Delta

There have been recent changes to the provincial regulations governing pesticide use.  Learn more about what, where and who can use pesticides in Delta, pesticide use for non-cosmetic purposes and the concept of integrated pest management. Draw prize!

North Delta Recreation Centre
10-11:30 am       Instructor: Kevin Li


Saturday, July 8

Love Food Hate Waste

We all love food, but hate to throw away spoiled leftovers. Learn how to create exciting and delicious meals with seasonal ingredients and leftovers. Food samples included.

Harris Barn
10-11:30 am      Instructor: Ian Lai

Saturday, July 29

Common Pests, Diseases and Disorders of Fruit and Vegetables

Are you looking for a beautiful garden without the use of pesticides? Learn how to deal with weeds, insects and other pests through prevention and low-cost,
simple, organic methods. Draw prize!

North Delta Recreation Centre
10-11:30 am       Instructor: Linda Gilkeson

Saturday, July 29

Fresh Food Storage and Easy Freezing

Reduce food waste by learning how to harvest, store and freeze a wide range of produce including onions, garlic, pears and kiwi. Draw prize!

North Delta Recreation Centre
12-1:30 pm       Instructor: Linda Gilkeson


Saturday, September 16

Saving Seeds

After a successful growing season, it's time to start collecting seeds for next year. Join us for this hands-on seed saving 101 workshop that includes tips on harvesting your crops to maximize your yield.

North Delta Recreation Centre
10-11:30 am       Instructor: Kristin Crouch

Saturday, September 23

Growing and Eating Great Garlic

Growing great garlic is simple. Learn how to prepare the soil, when to plant and what varieties to use. Participants will also learn how to store, cook and enjoy garlic year-round. Recipes and samples included!

Harris Barn
10-11:30 am       Instructor: Ian Lai


 Thursday, October 12  

Dealing with Damaged Lawns

Is your lawn being damaged by crows, skunks and raccoons? The European Chafer Beetle is the likely culprit. Learn about the beetle, its biology and how to control them come spring.

North Delta Recreation Centre
7-8:30 pm       Instructor: Peter Isaacson

Wednesday, October 18

Hibernating Mason Bees

Recap the mason bee season with an opportunity to wash, clean and store mason bees for the next season. Space is limited in this hands-on workshop. Bring your questions for troubleshooting. Draw prize!

Harris Barn
7-8:30pm       Instructor: Ian Lai

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