Cancelled Workshops

In response to COVID-19, all Free Sustainable Workshop have be cancelled until the end of April 2020. Updates will be provided as available.

Free Sustainable Workshops

Each year, Delta offers free workshops to educate residents about sustainable gardening practices. Workshops are held in North and South Delta starting in the spring. Workshops are free, but registration is required.

2020 Workshops are listed below.

Register NOW through DeltaReg or by phone at 604-952-3000.


2020 Workshop

Date & Time



Veggie Gardening 101

Want to start your first vegetable garden? From containers to in-ground gardens, you can grow vegetables almost anywhere. Join us as we talk about soil, fertilizers, watering, and best seed choices for the small garden.

Th, March 12
7-8:30 pm

North Delta Rec Centre


Th, March 19

7-8:30 pm

South Delta Rec Centre


The Mason Bee BUZZ

Mason bees are nature's early pollinators. Learn how to create habitat houses for these hardworking native insects in your garden. The workshop will cover when and where to place cocoons outdoors this spring.

Sa, April 4

10-11:30 am

South Delta Rec Centre


Healthy Soil for a Great Garden

Learn how to build soil for a healthy, vibrant veggie garden in this hands-on workshop. Bring a CLEAR, water-tight, 1 L container at least half full of your garden soil and with some simple tests, you will learn how to improve it with natural fertilizers, soil amendments, and gardening techniques.

Sa, April 18
10am - 12pm

Ladner Community Centre


Plant Propagation for the Home Gardener

In this hands-on class, learn how to grow from seed, divide plants, and how to do cuttings. Participants will need to bring tools to cut plant material such as hand pruners and gloves.

Th, April 23

7-8:30 pm

North Delta Rec Centre


April Planting for Summer Veggies

Spring and early summer are busy times in the garden and there are a lot of plants you can seed directly. Learn what to plant now and how to plant properly on your balcony, in your yard, or in your community garden plot. You'll come away with the knowledge to plant, grow, and harvest vegetables such as peas, beans, greens, beets, onions, root veggies, herbs, tomatoes, and carrots starting now!

Sa, April 25

10-11:30 am

South Delta Rec Centre


Herbs Made Easy

Herbs are essential for the home garden as they not only attract beneficial insects but are used for cooking, crafts, and healing. This talk will focus on culinary and crafting uses for herbs.

Th, April 30

7-8:30 pm

North Delta Rec Centre


Small Space Gardening

Do you have limited growing space? Not a problem! Learn how to use containers, pots, pocket gardens, and terracing to maximize square footage for your favourite plants and vegetables this season.

Sa, May 2

10-11:30 am

North Delta Rec Centre


Get to Know Local Plants

Ever wondered what plants live in your neighbourhood and local parks? Do you want to learn to identify some of our most common plant species? This two part workshop will include an indoor presentation followed by a 1-hour outdoor walk through McKitrick Park to discover the native and introduced plants found around Delta.

Sa, May 16

10am - 12pm

Sungod Rec Centre


Creating a Family Garden

Come with your family and find out quick and easy ways to involve your kids in growing food. Leave with plans for a pizza garden! This workshop is designed for families with children aged 5-12.

Sa, May 23

10-11:30 am

South Delta Rec Centre


Managing Pests in the Vegetable Garden

Learn how to control pests in the vegetable and flower garden using organic methods. Get to know your insects so you can have a healthy garden.

Tu, May 26

7-8:30 pm

Ladner Community Centre


Managing the Chafer Beetle

This workshop will cover identification, prevention, and treatment of chafer beetle infestations in your lawn. Topics include proper lawn maintenance and tips for nematode application - timing is key!

Th, June 4

7-8:30 pm

North Delta Rec Centre


Backyard Composting

Composting produces a valuable nutrient-rich resource for your garden. And it's free! Learn how to start composting and maintain a successful bin year-round. Already composting? Learn tips to maximize your return or troubleshoot problems.

Su, June 7

10-11:30 am

North Delta Rec Centre


Harvesting and Storing Veggies

Capture the summer bounty at its peak! Learn how and when to select vegetables and store them properly to prolong their life. Learn more about storing veggies beyond the fridge including canning, dehydrating, and freezing.

Sa, July 4

10-11:30 am

Ladner Community Centre


Growing and Eating Great Garlic

Growing great garlic is simple. Learn how to prepare the soil, when to plant and what varieties to use. Participants will also learn how to store, cook and enjoy garlic year-round. Recipes and samples included!

Sun, Oct 4


North Delta Rec Centre


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