Trees stand as the pillar of the environment. Not only do they add natural beauty and diversity to our landscapes, but they provide critical benefits to support a thriving ecosystem.


They produce oxygen and improve air quality by absorbing pollution and regulating microclimates. Their leafy canopy, sturdy trunks and root systems provide shade from the heat and habitat and food for wildlife, as well as retain stormwater and reduce flooding. Along the banks of water courses, such as rivers, creeks, lakes and ocean, trees reduce harmful sediment, nutrients and water pollution, keep water shaded and cool for wildlife, and minimize stream bank erosion.

Trees in Delta are protected by Delta Tree Protection and Regulation Bylaw. This bylaw helps preserve trees in Delta and supports the enhancement of Delta’s overall tree canopy. Before removing or pruning a tree on your property or before commencing a construction project, ensure that you are familiar with Delta’s tree protection requirements. There are costly penalties for removing or damaging a tree that is protected under the bylaw.


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