Committed to growing our urban forest  


What is an Urban Forest and why does it matter? 

Delta’s urban tree forest includes every tree in our city – on streets, in parks, public spaces, and back yards. Our urban forest plays critical environmental and social roles: it cleans the air, absorbs rainwater, reduces air temperatures, provides bird habitat, and improves our health and well-being.

How you can help

Help us grow Delta's urban forest and sign up for City of Delta's FREE Trees for Tomorrow program. You choose the tree(s), we plant them where they will be safe and thrive, and you water them for three years until they are established. 

Learn about Delta's Urban Reforestation Project and the City's progress in expanding Delta's urban tree forest and canopy coverage. 

Protecting our Urban Forest - Delta's Tree Protection Bylaw

Trees in Delta are protected by Delta Tree Protection and Regulation Bylaw. This bylaw helps preserve trees in Delta and supports the enhancement of Delta’s overall tree canopy. Before removing or pruning a tree on your property or before commencing a construction project, ensure that you are familiar with Delta’s tree protection requirements. There are costly penalties for removing or damaging a tree that is protected under the bylaw. Learn more: 

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