Reducing our Carbon Footprint


Delta is working to reduce its corporate emissions by 20% of 2007 levels by 2015. We are getting there by making practical decisions when it comes to our buildings, vehicle fleet and infrastructure. 
Where possible we have improved the energy efficiency of our recreation centres, right-sized our fleet and switched to cleaner burning fuels like bio diesel.

Corporate Climate Change Initiative

Developed in 2007, Delta's corporate Climate Change Initiative outlines actions to reduce our carbon footprint. The initiative has two main goals:

  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from municipal buildings, fleet vehicles and operations
  • To adapt municipal infrastructure and emergency plans to ensure our community is well prepared for and protected against climate change impacts

Delta is a member of the national Partners for Climate Protection program and a signatory of the BC Climate Action Charter. A summary of Delta's climate actions and greenhouse gas reductions can be found here.

Community Energy and Emissions Plan

Delta initiated the development of a Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) to support commitments and targets made under the Mexico City Pact, BC Climate Action Charter, Delta's Official Community Plan, and Delta's Climate Change Initiative. A Community Energy and Emissions Plan guides the community's priorities and efforts with respect to its energy consumption, and identifies how to support activities that reduce our daily energy impacts at home, work and in between.

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Mexico City Pact

On November 21, 2010, Mayor Lois E. Jackson attended the United Cities and Local Government World Congress and World Mayors Summit on Climate in Mexico City. At the Summit, Mayor Jackson signed the Mexico City Pact on behalf of the Corporation of Delta. Read more about the voluntary pact.

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