Heritage at the Corporation of Delta

Delta Heritage Strategy 2017

On May 29, 2017, Delta Council adopted the Updated Delta Heritage Strategy and Action Plan. The Heritage Strategy and Action Plan will guide Delta's efforts to protect and promote heritage until the year 2027. 

Read the full plan.

Delta's heritage sites provide a tangible link to our vibrant past and are a valuable part of our community pride, identity, local economy and tourist potential.

Every February, the City recognizes Heritage Week with awards that recognize efforts to preserve and protect the community's buildings, history and traditions. Events which celebrate Delta's culture and heritage also take place during this week.

Heritage Properties

Designated Heritage Properties are significant historic properties which are protected by bylaw to ensure long-term preservation and maintenance. Any changes to these properties must meet requirements set out in the protection bylaw and require Council approval.

Heritage Protection & Conservation

Heritage properties provide an invaluable link to Delta’s foundation and we recognize the importance of preserving these properties. Learn more about the ways that Delta protects and conserves our heritage.

Heritage Conservation Grants

In 2017, Delta established a fund to support heritage conservation and encourage the retention and maintenance of heritage properties. The fund allows the City to offer grants for repairs and restoration of heritage buildings for eligible projects.

Heritage Awards & Scholarship

Delta encourages our community to discover, promote and protect our heritage. We have implemented a number of awards and scholarship to recognize heritage preservation contributions.