Heritage Properties

Designated Heritage Properties

Designated Heritage Properties are significant heritage properties which are protected by bylaw to ensure long-term preservation and maintenance. Any changes to these properties must meet requirements set out in the protection bylaw and require Council approval. Designated heritage properties in Delta include:

National Heritage Register

The National Heritage Register was established in 1999 as part of the Historic Places Initiative (HPI) with the objectives of increasing knowledge and appreciation of Canada's heritage and working towards its preservation. Delta has been participating in the HPI since 2004. A total of 49 Delta properties have been nominated to the National Heritage Register to date. The National Heritage Register can be viewed at Canada's Historic Places.

St. Stephen's United Church was nominated to the National Register in 2005.

Delta Heritage Register

The Delta Heritage Register was established by Council on March 9, 1999. It is the official register of sites of heritage significance in Delta. Properties on the Delta Heritage Register are flagged so that the review process for any type of application regarding them will include referral to the Heritage Advisory Commission and the discussion of incentives for their preservation and maintenance. Properties on the Delta Heritage Register are eligible for reduced B.C. Building Code requirements and for nomination to the National Heritage Register.

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Heritage Passport

The Heritage Advisory Commission (HAC) invites you to explore your neighbourhood's fascinating history with the Heritage Passports.

Delta Heritage Passport - Volume 1: (3,617 KB) explores Delta's historic sites marked with a plaque or interpretive sign.

Delta Heritage Passport - Volume II: (8,577 KB) celebrates the rich and varied history of the Annieville and Sunbury communities in North Delta.

Rural Heritage Driving Tour

Delta's Heritage Advisory Commission (HAC) invites you to embark on a tour of Delta's rural heritage and discover the memory of its agricultural roots.

Delta's Rural Heritage Driving Tour: a driving tour featuring a selection of Delta's historically significant rural buildings and sites.