Boundary Bay Airport


The Boundary Bay Airport is centrally located in Delta and situated close to Surrey. It is just 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver and the U.S. Border crossing. The airport has two runways and an air-traffic control tower which operate seven days per week. The Boundary Bay Airport sees over 200,000 takeoffs and landings every year making it one of the busiest airports in Canada. The airport is home to a large number of general aviation operations, including flight training schools and flying clubs that provide flying lessons, aircraft rentals, and safety seminars.

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The Boundary Bay Airport was re-activated in 1983 after being closed following the Second World War. At that time, Transport Canada was the owner and landlord. Transport Canada entered into an agreement with a private company, Boundary Bay Airport Commission (BBAC), to manage the airside operation and also the development rights to the part of the property known as the "demised lands." Alpha Aviation Inc. took over the airport lease in December 2004 and now operates the airport on behalf of the City of Delta.

The airport is also home to the Heritage Hangar, a very large Second World Ware era, heavy timber frame, bow-arched structure. It is currently undergoing significant heritage restoration work to ensure that it continues to safely function as a hangar for years to come.


In 1997, the ownership of the Boundary Bay Airport was officially transferred from Transport Canada to Delta. The municipality is the landowner, the landlord to the various lease holders, as well as the municipal taxation and regulatory authority of all airport lands. Boundary Bay Airport has over 150 acres of airport industrial land that can support the development of aviation businesses and support services. In addition, the airport has some lands designated as part of the Agricultural Land Reserve. Much of this land is currently leased for agricultural purposes (farming, topsoil storage, and haying) or is considered environmentally sensitive. The land north of the B.C. Rail line commonly referred to as the "North 40" is an off-leash dog park. A multi-stakeholder committee, the Boundary Bay Airport Advisory Committee, provides advice and recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to the lands at Boundary Bay Airport.

Lease Extension

At the April 11, 2011 Executive Meeting, Council considered and approved the third amendment to the Head Lease of Boundary Bay Airport between Delta and Alpha Aviation. The amendment extended the lease term until 2099 subject to a future extension of the Operating Agreement for Boundary Bay Airport between Delta and Transport Canada from its current expiry date of 2077. The amendment also clarified maintenance responsibilities, referenced a new Master Servicing Plan for the Airport, and updated the rental amount and sale provision for the Airport to the benefit of Delta. The effective date of the third amendment is June 1, 2011.


Flight information and a list of services available at the Airport can be found on the Boundary Bay Airport website.

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