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Emergency Preparedness Week

May 06, 2019

May 5–11 is Emergency Preparedness Week

Learn How to Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe in the Event of an Emergency.

Emergencies—such as earthquakes, floods, severe windstorms and extended power outages—happen when we don't expect them. Being ready to handle unexpected emergencies helps minimize the impact they can have on you, your family and pets. This Emergency Preparedness Week why not make a commitment to know the risks, make a plan and build a kit? It doesn't take long, and being well prepared will reduce anxiety and help keep everyone focused and safe.

Most Canadians recognize the importance of having an emergency kit, but only a small amount actually have one. Emergency kits are vital for helping you and your family stay self-sufficient for 72-hours. Necessary items would include water, non-perishable food (with can opener), a first-aid kit, battery powered radio, and flashlight. It is also important to pack special needs, like baby formula or prescription medicine.

Learn more about Emergency Preparedness Week, including an online emergency week readiness contest.