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May 28, 2018 Council Meeting Highlights

May 30, 2018

Council Highlights provides an informal summary of key decisions made by Delta Council at each Regular Meeting. The City Clerk provides the complete, formal documentation of Council meetings referred to as minutes.


Gray Elementary Class Wins Energy Savings Challenge

Delta congratulates Mrs. Dobie and her grade 4/5 class at Gray Elementary for winning the BC Sustainable Energy Association’s Cool It! Climate Leadership Training Challenge. View the news release.


June 11, 2018 Regular Council Meeting Cancelled

The June 11, 2018 Regular Council Meeting has been cancelled. The next Regular Meeting of Council is scheduled for June 18, 2018 at Delta Municipal Hall. View the Council Meeting Schedule.


Changes Proposed for Kennedy Seniors Recreation Centre

Council approved the development of a new service delivery model at Kennedy Seniors Recreation Centre aimed at boosting participation, membership and cultural diversity. Staff will work with Kennedy’s new Board of Directors in the development of new programming and services. View the staff report.


Delta & Canucks Autism Network Partner to Deliver Inclusive Skating Programs

Council approved an agreement between Delta and the Canucks Autism Network for the training and delivery of learn-to-skate programs for children with autism. The program is expected to launch this fall. View the staff report.


Emergency Program Highlights & Next Steps

A summary of key achievements from Delta’s Corporate Emergency Program was received, including the launch of a new internal emergency staff notification system and formal emergency management staff training program. Three functional emergency exercises were also executed in the last year, each helping build capacity and resiliency within the program. Staff are expected to present a report to Council in the coming months recommending the establishment of a formal Emergency Management Office. View the staff report.


Water Lot Tenure Agreements – Seven Seas

Council approved draft licences for the occupation of water lots along Chisholm Street. An update was also provided regarding Delta’s efforts to secure long-term agreements with the Provincial government in support of the revitalization of Ladner’s waterfront. View the staff report.


Ladner Legion to Receive Delta Heritage Conservation Grant

Council awarded a $10,000 grant to the Ladner Legion towards roof replacement of the historic Bank of Montreal building that it occupies. The building is designated on Delta’s Heritage Register and as part of the grant, a covenant will be placed on the property to protect the building from demolition for 10 years. This program is the first to receive funding from Delta's Heritage Conservation Grant Program. View the staff report.


Updates to Delta’s Highways Bylaw Underway

Council gave three readings to an amended Delta Highways Bylaw that provides an updated definition of a heavy truck. Specifically, the bylaw proposes to increase the weight of a licensed gross vehicle from 10,000 kg to 11,794 kg to help achieve conformity in vehicle weight limits among designated truck routes across the region. View the staff report.


Important Dates & Reminders

  • June 18th – Next Regular Meeting of Delta Council
  • June 26th – Next Public Hearing
  • July 3rd - Property Taxes Due
  • Open Burning Ban in effect until fall 2018. Learn more.