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Delta Coordinates Successful Emergency Response Exercise

Oct 16, 2017

Office of the Mayor/ Office of the Chief Administrative Officer


For immediate release – October 16, 2017

On the morning of Friday, October 13, Delta coordinated an interagency emergency response exercise at GCT Deltaport at Roberts Bank. The exercise simulated a major hazardous material spill as a result of a truck accident, with the hypothetical gas spreading inland and affecting the surrounding areas. 

Dubbed Exercise MATCH BOX, the simulation allowed Delta, stakeholders, and partners the opportunity to evaluate, validate, and practice their response to a major incident at Roberts Bank. This exercise included a variety of different aspects related to the scenario, such as initiating an Emergency Operations Centre, communicating with first responders at the incident site, and practicing evacuation/shelter in place routines. 

"These exercises are extremely valuable for clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each player involved," said Mayor Lois E. Jackson. "The best way to potentially mitigate a major emergency is to be prepared and well-practiced."

"It is extremely rewarding to work alongside our partners to solidify and implement a thorough action-plan for scenarios such as this," said Chief Administrative Officer George V. Harvie."It is important that we reassure and demonstrate to our residents, businesses, and stakeholders that our community is ready, should a disaster strike."

Participants' abilities were tested as they experienced many of the potential factors that could complicate such an emergency. From the procedural elements, such as initiating response and evacuation, to implementing public relations and communications strategies, the exercise provided a detailed rehearsal for some of the expected as well as less-predictable aspects of an emergency.

The agencies participating in this year's exercise included the The Corporation of Delta, Delta Fire & Emergency Services, Delta Police Department, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, Global Container Terminals Canada, BC Rail, Fraser Health Authority, and Westshore Terminals. 

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