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Delta Adopts a New Heritage Strategy

Jun 14, 2017

At the May 29, 2017 Regular Meeting, Council adopted an updated Heritage Strategy to protect Delta’s rich heritage. Proposed actions to implement the strategy were then adopted on June 12, 2017.

Since 2013, staff have been working on updating the Delta Heritage Strategy, first adopted in 1997. The new and updated strategy establishes a vision for heritage for the next ten years and includes specific objectives and actions to guide Delta's heritage programs into the future. The process included consultation with Council, the Chief Administrative Officer, other senior municipal executives, the Heritage Advisory Commission, the Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission, and the public. The consultation identified certain areas requiring special attention, including measures to prevent the deterioration and demolition of heritage buildings, ways to fund heritage conservation initiatives, and financial incentives for property owners to maintain their properties.

Consistent with the identified priority areas for heritage, the following initiatives were adopted along with the updated Heritage Strategy:

  • A bylaw which declared a one-year heritage control period for Ladner Village.This would require owners to obtain a heritage alteration permit before they alter a building included in Delta’s Heritage Inventories;
  • A bylaw which establishes standards of maintenance for protected heritage properties so that heritage buildings are not allowed to deteriorate through neglect;
  • A policy which prioritizes restoration of heritage buildings when they are part of a larger development;
  • A new heritage conservation levy of five percent to be applied to all new building permits and which will be added to a fund to promote heritage conservation initiatives. 

The next steps in the implementation plan will be to define new heritage conservation areas for Ladner, update the heritage inventories for all of Delta, and review heritage incentives.

Read the 2017 Delta Heritage Strategy. 

View the Council Report.