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Spring Fraser River Freshet - Notice to Boaters

Jun 06, 2017

During the spring run-off, the water level on the Fraser River is particularly high, the current is very strong, with lots of floating debris being carried downstream and these hazards pose inherent dangers to the marine community. The water is barely above the freezing temperature; even when the air is warm, a fall into the water can result in a very sudden onset of hypothermia.

During freshet conditions, maneuvering a pleasure craft can become difficult and dangerous for boaters.

Boaters are advised to be extra careful when travelling on the Fraser river due to the higher water velocities and debris in the river. Please keep a proper lookout and reduce speed to minimize the risk of hitting floating or partially submerged debris.

Please ensure you have a marine radio aboard to call on channel #16 or use your cell phone and dial *16 for emergency assistance.