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2017 Delta Career Fair – Four Years of Inspiration

Apr 03, 2017

Office of the Mayor

For immediate release – April 3, 2017

It’s been said a thousand different ways, by countless people, but it continues to ring true: your future belongs to you. The Corporation of Delta wants to help you live your best life and be the best you, so we’re excited to invite you to the 2017 Delta Trades and Technical Career Fair on April 27, from 9 am until 8 pm. As usual, this is a free event.

Since Mayor Lois E. Jackson started the event in 2013, we’ve provided a platform for people to get inspired about whom they want to be and where they want to go. And while you’ll see plenty of young people perusing the booths, thinking about how nice it’d be to be a carpenter or maybe a chef, this event is meant for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re at an existential crossroads pondering a new path, or someone who is thinking about a career for the first time, this event is a must-attend.

Situated throughout the spacious arena at Sungod Recreation Centre and in the surrounding parking lot, you can expect dozens of exhibitors offering hands-on introductions to a variety of new and unique careers. In addition to the many interactive exhibits the Show Stage is bringing along with it a variety of fascinating presentations, including the tantalizing artistry of the White Spot chefs, as well as frank, motivational talks on women in trades.

As the Delta Career Fair evolves every year, 2017 boasts two new fresh and exhilarating appendages: the Job Fair and the Boat Race.

For the first time ever, attendees will have the chance to change their lives at the event, as the Job Fair will host different organizations with immediate job opportunities that they are looking to fill now. From 4 pm until 8 pm, come interview ready and armed with your resume, because these local jobs are available for someone like you.

The Boat Race will give students in grades 10 through 12 the chance to work alongside marine industry professionals to construct a vessel that can withstand the wild waters of Sungod’s aquatic centre. Phenomenal prizes are available, including the Grand Prize of $2800 cash. More cash prizes are available for the second place finishers ($1600) and for the team with the most fans ($800). Register for the Boat Race at by April 7, 2017.

If you don’t know what your passion is, or if you are looking for something new, find it at the Delta Trades and Technical Career Fair on April 27. Now’s the time to be a real something.

Learn more about the exhibitors, Boat Race, and Job Fair at Follow the conversation at #DeltaCareerFair.

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