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Delta Fire Uses Pet Oxygen Masks to Save Pets

Oct 13, 2016

On the evening of October 7, 2016, Delta Fire and Emergency Services were called to a fire at a residential building in North Delta. The fire was noticed by Delta Bylaw Officer Farrell, who managed to get the attention of the lone occupant of the building and evacuate her from the building safely. 

Panicked, the woman tried to return to the building to save her pets that were still trapped inside. Bylaw Officer Farrell, fearing for the safety of the woman, restrained her from returning to the burning building. 

Delta Fire were quick to reach the scene and recover the animals. However, the two dogs that lived in the building were experiencing severe respiratory distress. Fortunately, Delta Fire & Emergency Services have the ability to treat pets that have been exposed to toxic fumes or suffer smoke inhalation with pet oxygen kits. 

Because these tools were available and they were properly trained to use them, Delta Fire was able to save the two dogs that were affected by the fire. Delta Animal Services and a Veterinarian Technician took over animal care after the fire was extinguished. Both dogs are expected to make a full recovery. 

The success of this rescue was dependent on the pet oxygen kits, which were only possible because of the generous donation from Delta Scottsdale Lions Club in May 2016. Currently, every front line Delta Fire apparatus is equipped with these kits.