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Community Amenities at the Southlands Site

Sep 20, 2016

Office of the Mayor

For immediate release – September 20, 2016 

Delta,BC – At the July 11, 2016 Regular Meeting of Council. Mayor Lois E. Jackson and Delta Council adopted Bylaws 7167, 7168, 7169, 7170 and 7271, pertaining to the Southlands application. As part of the Southlands project requirements, Century Group is transferring 80 percent of the total Southlands site to Delta which would be used for agriculture; natural habitat; public open space, including a Market Square; and greenways. 

The Market Square area will be established for public use and in order to achieve that vision, certain works need to be undertaken, including installation of new services, re-grading the site, relocating a ditch, installing a new rain garden and removing existing contaminants, along with other improvements such as modification to the Red Barn. As a result, current tenants on the Southlands site, the Earthwise Society, will be disrupted. The Earthwise Society’s operations are located on the Market Square portion of the Southlands site. However, the Earthwise Garden area will not be impacted by the construction and will be retained in its current location. 

Of the area impacted, the Earthwise Farm and allotment gardens would be displaced, with the affected gardeners given priority to relocate to this area in the future. The final plans for the area in question would include a rain garden, apiary, picnic gathering area, allotment gardens, and a demonstration area for the Earthwise Farm. Upon completion of the works, the Earthwise Society will continue to have a presence in the Market Square area. 

From the beginning of the application process a public Market Square has been part of the plans for the Southlands. The relocation of the Earthwise Farm is consistent with those plans. The Earthwise Society will continue to have a strong presence in the Market Square and will be provided a new area within the agricultural portion of the Southlands site for the Earthwise Farm. This will allow the Earthwise Society to continue to carry on their activities as a key component of the overall Southlands concept. Delta has been assured that Century Group has communicated their long term plans to Earthwise Society and offered assistance in relocating them. 

Delta is looking forward to the public and agricultural opportunities that will be available to the community at the future Southlands site. 

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