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Pokémon Go and Safety

Jul 20, 2016

The Pokémon Go mobile game has caught the attention of people of all ages, with many of the game’s users from Delta. The Corporation of Delta and Delta Police would like to encourage residents and visitors to enjoy the augmented reality game, while keeping in mind some strategies to address the real-world risks and dangers that can be associated with the game. 

Playing Pokémon Go Safely

Pay attention to the real world 

The in-game world doesn’t account for traffic and people. Make sure that you’re paying attention to cars and other people while you’re on the hunt for Pokémon.

Play with a buddy or group 

Pokémon Go does an excellent job of bringing people together. However, you may come across some people who wish to cause you harm or are too competitive. Play and travel with your friends rather than by yourself, and be mindful of strangers.

Play in a familiar, safe environment 

In-game items, like “lures”, make certain areas Pokémon hotspots for a short period of time, where other areas are listed as PokéStops or Gyms, where you can collect items or train your Pokémon through battles. Stay in areas you’re familiar with, or in busy public places like Delta’s Recreation Centres. It’s best to play the game during the day and always let someone know where you’re going. Please note and respect the posted hours for Delta’s Parks and facilities. 

Keep your device charged 

Before you leave on your journey, it’s best to have a fully charged device. In case there is an emergency or you’re in an uncomfortable situation, you want to be able to have the means to call for help. 

For Parents: 

Try the game yourself  

Playing the game with your child helps you better understand the nature of the game. The better you know the game, the better you’ll be able to identify areas of concerns and more efficiently set up ground-rules. 

Set boundaries 

Time-limits, as well as physical boundaries, can prevent your child from venturing too far in his or her quest. Requiring them to keep in contact with you is another way you can monitor where they are while playing the game. 

Protecting personal data 

To play Pokémon Go, users are required to enter personal data, typically through social media accounts. Learn more about information collection and Pokémon Go’s privacy policy.

In-app purchasing 

Many of the items in the game are acquired through in-app purchasing, which can quickly amount hefty charges. Through your device's settings, you can turn off in-app purchasing as a feature and prevent the potential headache.

The Corporation of Delta is excited to see people finding new ways to enjoy the community. By monitoring you or your child’s playing of Pokémon Go, you can help create an experience that is memorable, fun, and safe. 

To learn more about how to stay safe while playing Pokémon Go, visit CyberTip.caor attend the free Intro to Pokémon GO! class on July 22, from 2 to 3 pm, at Tsawwassen Library.  

For more information on this news release, contact the Mayor’s Office at 604-946-3210 or e-mail