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Do Your Doo Diligence!

May 09, 2016

We've all been there before – cruising through our day, running errands and being productive, yet unable to shake some inexplicable and lingering smell. Once the realization sets in, you hold your breath and you check your shoe. Sure enough, regardless of how well things were going before, the squishy brown matter on your sole is enough to put a damper on your day.

Nobody likes stepping in dog poop, which is why the Corporation of Delta, along with several other municipalities, is participating in Do Your Doo Diligence Week. From May 8 through May 14, 2016, Delta will be reminding residents about the health concerns, social faux pas, and bylaws regarding cleaning up after your pooch.

Frankly, pet poop is an issue that may seem small in the big scheme of things, but it's one worth talking about. Picking up after your animal goes a long way towards respecting your community and representing pet owners, and is an easy way to protect children and other animals from getting sick! Common parasites like Hookworm and Roundworm can be easily passed to children, while viruses like Parvo can be life threatening to pets. Cleaning up after your animal greatly reduces the chance of infection.

Pets are members of your community, so it's important that they aren't a nuisance. Cleaning up their waste shows that you care about the health and wellbeing of the children and animals in your neighbourhood. Fellow residents will appreciate your help in keeping our parks, trails, and sidewalks clear, and allowing all of us to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about stepping in something unpleasant.

Do Your Doo Diligence Week runs from May 8 until May 14.

For more information, please contact Delta Community Animal Shelter Manager Sarah Jones at 604-940-7111 or email at