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Storm Surge in Delta

Mar 09, 2016

Delta experienced a storm surge this morning (March 10) at the Boundary Bay/Beach Grove waterfront areas. Crews were ready and prepared to respond.


March 10, 2016, 3 pm:  

  • Engineering staff have inspected the dike and beach walls.
  • Crews continue to clean up the debris from the storm.
  • Staff will continue to monitor weather and storm events throughout the weekend. Staff are ready and prepared to respond if the need arises.

March 10, 2016, 9 am:  

  • We are currently in the review/recovery stage of the Flood Response Plan.
  • Crews are preparing to inspect dikes, beach walls and assess any damage from storm surge.
  • Staff will continue to closely monitoring weather conditions throughout the day.

March 10, 2016, 8:15 am:  

  • Power outages reported in East and North Delta.
    Call 1-888 POWERON (1 888 769 3766) to report an outage or view BC Hydro's outage map:  
  • Winds will remain strong throughout the day, easing in the evening.
  • Crews are assisting residents with sandbags and pumps in flooded areas. 
  • Reports of trees down and flying debris throughout Delta.
    For emergencies: Dial 9-1-1. To report issues related to municipal services: Call 604-946-4141

March 10, 2016, 6:30 am:  

  • The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been activated.
  • There is localized flooding in the Boundary Bay/Beach Grove areas.
  • Crews are on the scene, monitoring the storm this morning and assisting residents affected by flooding.
  • Conditions in Ladner are being monitored. Delta staff have taken precautionary measures by sandbagging Chisholm Street. 
  • The tide is subsiding, but severe winds remain in the area.
  • The public is urged to stay away from the shoreline and nearby areas for safety reasons, and to allow crews to respond effectively and immediately.

March 9, 2016, 3 pm:  

  • Staff are closely monitoring weather conditions.
  • Beach access points have been blocked.
  • Sand piles and sand bags are all fully stocked at Seaview Rd, 1A Ave, 3 Ave, and 16 Ave.
  • The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been setup and is ready to be deployed should it be required.

For further information, please contact the Engineering Department at 604-946-3260.