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Mayor Jackson Addresses Annacis Island Traffic Congestion

Feb 12, 2016

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This morning, Mayor Lois E. Jackson, CAO George V. Harvie, Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord, Director of Engineering Steven Lan, and Delta North MLA Scott Hamilton held a breakfast meeting at the North Delta Public Safety Building with Annacis Island businesses and employees to address traffic congestion issues on the Island.

“Businesses and staff are beyond frustrated with traffic congestion on the Island and they have made it clear they need a solution,” says Mayor Lois E. Jackson. “We want them to know we are listening and we are taking action.”

At this morning’s meeting, Mayor Jackson and Mr. Lan presented a recommended strategy to implement increased Delta Police presence during peak traffic hours to enforce turn restrictions and address road rage and safety concerns. This will be coupled with a recommended restriction at the southbound right-turn from Highway 91 during peak traffic hours of 3–6 pm, an action that requires approval from the Province.

“I will be working with MLA Scott Hamilton to advocate for Annacis Island businesses and employees and get the Province involved in the solution,” says Mayor Jackson. “Police Chief Neil Dubord and I are taking immediate action to increase Delta Police enforcement on the Island, in fact Chief Dubord has already committed to stationing more officers there starting next Monday.”

Traffic congestion on Annacis Island is caused by a combination of issues:

  • Commuters are bypassing traffic by taking the Annacis Island exit, causing delays, congestion, safety and road rage incidents;
  • Alex Fraser Bridge no longer has room to accommodate more southbound traffic in the evening rush because it is at capacity;
  • Queues at the bridge are getting longer and rush “hour” often lasts between two and three hours each day in each direction;
  • As Alex Fraser Bridge does not have a toll, it is an increasingly attractive option for commuters.

“Annacis Island is one of the top four business parks in Greater Vancouver, and home base for more than 500 businesses generating more than $16 million in property tax revenue. The Island is a huge economic and infrastructure driver, and it is imperative that we support companies and staff doing business here,” says Mayor Jackson.

Delta staff will review all comments brought forward at this morning’s meeting and will present a final recommendation to Council. Mayor Jackson and CAO George V. Harvie have also committed to compiling all the feedback and presenting it to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. 

We encourage you to send further feedback and comments to