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2016 Heritage Hunt Photo Contest

Feb 04, 2016

Thank you for participating in the 2016 Heritage Hunt Photo Contest. The contest is now officially closed. We will be announcing the winners soon! The photos, with full descriptions of their location and story, can be seen in our Facebook album.

Delta is rich in heritage. We are a community whose past is interlocked with our present and inspires our future. A traditional farming community, married to the ocean, with a strong relationship to the First Nations ancestors that cultivated life along the Fraser – this is how Delta proudly identifies itself.

We can acknowledge this past, talk about it in our lived experience, and even commemorate it with ceremonies and restorations. Nothing, however, really compares to seeing the people, places, and events, or experiencing the stories of those who lived during that time. This is where our civic pride comes from, and our connection to one another as residents of The Corporation of Delta.

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To celebrate the theme of the 2016 BC Heritage Week Distinctive Destinations: Experience Historic Places, and to promote Delta’s heritage through an interactive experience, The Corporation of Delta is proud to announce the 2016 Heritage Hunt Photo Contest.

From February 8 through February 29, residents of Delta are invited to participate in a community-wide photo hunt and trivia contest that emphasizes Delta’s history. Located at participating locations throughout Delta (see map below) and on Facebook, posters with a photo referencing Delta’s past alongside ballot boxes will be on display.

Contestants will attempt to identify where the photo was taken and the story behind it (hint: check out Participants with the correct answers will be entered into a random draw in which three winners will be drawn, one from each community. Entrants will be limited to one submission, per person, per photo.

Residents looking to test their knowledge can enter the 2016 Heritage Hunt Photo Contest in three ways:

  1. In person, via the ballot boxes on display at participating locations (see full map below)
  2. Via social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using the #DeltaHeritage hashtag. View all photos and submit your best guess through Facebook!
  3. Via our online feedback form.

Happy Hunting!