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Winskill Park Master Plan Public Consultations

Jan 28, 2016

Let's #TalkDelta! We're looking for your feedback on the Winskill Park Master Plan.    

Beginning February 9, Delta residents are being asked to join Delta staff to provide input into the development of the Winskill Park Master Plan.

Over the next six months, a series of meetings will be held intended to develop a long-range vision in the form of a master plan for the Winskill Park, including the Winskill Aquatic & Fitness Centre. These public consultations will provide valuable insight into what residents believe will be required for Winskill Park to continue to meet the needs of the community in the future.  

For the consultations, community input and feedback will be organized into three categories:


Residents of Delta who are interested in the services of the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department.


Formal community organizations with existing, direct involvement in the current activities at Winskill Park and Winskill Aquatic & Fitness Centre.

Community Organizations

Existing not-for-profit community organizations based and operating in South Delta with a mandate aligned with parks, recreation, culture or community service.

Head to the Winskill Park Master Plan project page for the meeting schedule and more information about the project.