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Public Information Meeting - January 19, 2016

Jan 04, 2016

Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Land Use Contract Discharge, Development Permit and Subdivision at 6788 Corbould Road, Delta, B.C.

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: South Park Elementary School: Library, 735 Gilchrist Drive, Delta, BC V4M 3L4

This application is to subdivide the subject lot into two and construct two new single family dwellings. In order to proceed, approval is required to amend the Delta Official Community Plan designation from SFR Single Family Residential to ISF Infill Single Family Residential, rezone the property from C5 Private Recreation to a Comprehensive Development Zone and discharge Land Use Contract 78-24. The applicant is also required to obtain Development Permits for construction in the Boundary Bay Foreshore and Southlands Development Permit areas and the Streamside Protection and Enhancement area.

A location map which shows the subject property and the proposed subdivision is provided below. 

It should be noted that this application is at a preliminary stage, and has not gone to Council for their consideration.  Therefore, different aspects of the proposal may change as the application proceeds through the review process.  Should you have any comments or concerns regarding the application, you may contact Susan Elbe, Planner, at:




Community Planning & Development Department

The Corporation of Delta

4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent

Delta, B.C. V4K 3E2

Attention: Susan Elbe




Any correspondence submitted to The Corporation of Delta with respect to the application will become public information under the Freedom of Information Act so we would ask you to please provide your name, address, and telephone number in your correspondence or on the telephone and quote the above file number.

Project Data for Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Land Use Contract Discharge, Development Permit and Subdivision at 6788 Corbould Road




OCP Designation:
Schedule A:

Schedule D.1 (Tsawwassen Area Plan):


R One and Two Unit Residential


SFR Single Family Residential


No change


ISF Single Family Residential

Development Permit Areas:

SD3 Boundary Bay Foreshore and The Southlands

SPEA (FREMP) Streamside Protection

No change


C5 Private Recreation; LUC 78-24

Comprehensive Development Zone

Number of Lots




Maximum 18 uph (7 upa)

20.4 uph (8.3 upa)

Lot Area

982 m2(10,570 ft2)

Lot 1: 651 m2(7,007 ft2)

Lot 2: 331 m2 (3,563 ft2)

Lot Width

63.3 m (208 ft)

Lot 1: 41.9 m (137 ft)

Lot 2: 21.3 m (70 ft)

Average Lot Depth

15.5 m (51 ft)

15.5 m (51 ft)

Maximum Permitted House Size


Lot 1: 360.2 m2(3,877 ft2)

Lot 2: 228.8 m2(2,463 ft2)


Please note that this is not a Public Hearing notice.  If the application proceeds to a Public Hearing, you will receive a Public Hearing notice from The Corporation of Delta later in the process.