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Keep Our Boulevards Green!

Nov 09, 2015

Please do not pave your boulevard—instead of grey, try green and find a sustainable alternative for your boulevard. 

Green boulevards lead to more than beautiful communities; they capture rain water, allowing it to infiltrate into the ground and improve our environment. 

Sustainable Options: 

  • FREE trees from Delta's Trees for Tomorrow program
  • Flower beds 
  • Gravel and other permeable surface systems 

Please remember:

  • Boulevards are municipal property and are not to be paved
  • Parking on boulevards is not permitted
  • Landscaping, other than grass, must maintain a clearance of 1.5 m around utilities and sidewalks

For more information on sustainable boulevard options, contact our Engineering Department at 604-946-3260, or online using our TalkDelta form.