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Delta Presents CVFSA Municipal Long Service Award

Oct 27, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services

Chief Huff started his tenure as a volunteer firefighter in 1953.  Seven years later he became the first of two Fire Chiefs at Delta’s Volunteer Fire Hall #4 in East Delta.  In 1988, Chief Huff retired from the Fire Department after serving 35 years – he was the longest serving Fire Chief in Delta’s history.  Association – Municipal Long Service Award has been awarded to two of Delta’s retired volunteer Fire Chiefs Gordon Huff and Ken Davie – the first to go to Fire Chiefs in British Columbia.

Chief Davie started his tenure in 1964 and took over from Fire Chief Huff in 1988.  He led the Volunteer Department for the next 22 years until it was de-commissioned in 2010.

Both Chiefs selflessly put their time, effort and personal safety on the line to help preserve the life and property of others in the community. Their dedication to the Fire Service and community at large became the cornerstone upon which Fire Hall #4 was built.  Delta’s volunteer fire service also set the ground work for the inception and development of its career department. Their legacy is still present today, as many of the firefighters that are still working in the department and throughout the lower mainland had the honour of being trained by these two great individuals.

They clearly demonstrated leadership, honesty and professionalism which made the citizens of Delta proud.