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We Need Your Help to Keep Boulevard Trees Watered & Healthy this Summer

Jun 11, 2015

During this period of extremely dry weather conditions and with the prediction of a dryer than normal summer, the Corporation of Delta requests the help of our residents to keep our boulevard street trees watered and healthy.

Some of our boulevard trees have been newly planted within the last three years (these trees will still have their support stakes) and they are still establishing their root systems, making it especially important they are watered and cared for. 

How Can You Help?

  • Twice a week, water the roots of trees near your property with 12–20 litres of water (5–10 minutes with a slow running water hose or a couple of large watering cans full) to assist in promoting the health of the tree. If the tree has a watering bag, please fill it to the top.
    *Regional water restrictions do not apply to trees and shrubs. However, be water-wise by ensuring that all of it gets to the tree.
  • Talk to your neighbours and make a plan to water boulevard trees in your neighbourhood and ensure no tree is left not watered.
  • Please keep aware of young, stressed trees adjacent to your property (usually indicated by leaves turning brown or falling). 

For more information about watering boulevard trees or if you identify a stressed tree that needs care, please contact the Engineering Department at 604-946-3260.

Thank you sincerely from the Corporation of Delta for your help and commitment to keeping our environment healthy.