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Recreation pass programs increase child and youth participation at Delta facilities

Nov 04, 2014

Youth are getting active and participating in record numbers at Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture facilities. Two recent staff reports reveal increases in both the use and number of recreation passes issued to children and youth through Delta’s free Grade Five, Six and Seven Pass Program and the $20 Child and Youth Summer Pass. 
Initiated in 2005, Delta’s Grade Five, Six and Seven Pass Program enables free drop-in use of recreation facilities to all grade five and six students who live in Delta; a ten admission pass card is available for grade seven students. Drop-in activities include public skates, swims, and open gym sessions. Recent statistics provided by the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department reveal a 7.4% increase in usage for the 2013/14 school year compared to the previous year, with an overall admission total of 38,882 and a total of 2,626 passes issued this year.

Earlier this year, Mayor and Council approved a new $20 Child and Youth Summer Promotional Drop-in Pass to encourage active participation in Delta’s drop-in programs during the summer months. The $20 summer pass ran from June 26 to September 30, 2014. 

At last night’s Regular Meeting, staff reported that a total of 3,404 summer passes were sold, leading to an increase in child and youth attendance and revenue. Revenue nearly doubled this year from $62,717 in 2013 to $123,035 in 2014. On the heels of the success of this year’s summer pass program, Council approved a similar summer pass for 2015.

“Delta’s recreation pass programs offer tremendous value to the community and families living in Delta by providing our youth with a safe environment to learn new skills, be active and have fun,” says Mayor Lois E. Jackson. “Delta was one of the first municipalities in the province to recognize this opportunity to engage youth in our community in physical activity, and we are pleased that our program serves as a template for similar programs across B.C.”

“We implemented the grade five recreation pass program nine years ago to encourage our local youth to be active and to explore Delta facilities and the variety of fun activities we provide,” says Councillor Robert Campbell, Chair of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission. “I am thrilled that the program continues to grow and that new initiatives such as the $20 summer pass are also popular—we are seeing more and more students and families take advantage of these opportunities each year.”

The grade five and six pass portion of the program also includes complimentary admission so youth can bring along a participant who is 13 years of age or older. Parents, siblings and friends have been joining the grade five and six pass holders in ever increasing numbers; complimentary admissions rose from 1,975 in 2013 to 4,081 in 2014. 

“It’s a great part of the program because it allows parents to attend, or designate someone else to attend, activities with their children at that age, while giving them the opportunity to try out our facilities and activities for free,” says Mayor Jackson. 

Students can visit any Delta recreation facility with their birth certificate and proof of address between September 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015 to obtain their free Grade Five, Six or Seven Pass for this school year. Details on the 2015 Summer Pass will be released in the new year.