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The Corporation of Delta Launches New Website

Apr 07, 2014

To support Mayor and Council’s vision of making Delta more accessible, the Corporation of Delta has launched its new website. The new website is a virtual facility that emphasizes Delta’s brand, focuses on the user experience and includes enhanced search functions for the public’s convenience. Users will access the website using the same URL.

“We are excited to offer not just a new website, but a new online facility that complements Delta’s existing facilities, programs and services, and will continue to serve as a vital resource and communication tool,” said Mayor Lois E. Jackson.

As the public discovers the intuitive design and practical search tools of Delta’s new website, the unique visitor number is expected to continue to grow. This is especially true in terms of mobile visitors, as the new website is designed with strong consideration for mobile use. Key search tools include: 

  • Activity Search – makes it simple and easy to find Parks, Recreation & Culture registered programs and drop-in activities, and register online through DeltaReg
  • Parks & Amenity Search – provides a cool tool to locate your favourite parks and amenities according to your needs
  • Recycling Directory – takes the guess work out of your garbage and recycling routine, allowing users to search where a specific item should be placed

The final cost for the new website is $161,474, which is roughly $48,000 under budget, making it one of the lowest project costs for a municipal website in the Lower Mainland. This is an achievement Delta is particularly proud of because its success is due to the team effort of all those who worked on the website.

“This was an internal project that harnessed the skills and expertise of employees across the organization, who worked together to create a functional, attractive resource for the public, while keeping the cost as low as possible. Our technology and communication teams were integral, but I’d also like to highlight our communication liaisons in each department, as well as the staff at our recreation centres and Delta Community Animal Shelter,” added Mayor Lois E. Jackson.

The Corporation of Delta invites you to visit to view Delta’s new virtual facility. We look forward to your feedback. For more information on this news release, contact the Mayor’s Office at 604-946-3210 or email