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Delta Appointments to Metro Vancouver Board and Committees

Jan 20, 2020

Recently, Delta Council confirmed its new appointments to the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors.

The City of Delta holds six votes on the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors. Due to regulations, these votes are split evenly between two directors so each of Delta’s appointees will hold three votes. Council has approved the following appointments:

  • Director: Mayor George V. Harvie
  • Director: Councillor Bruce McDonald
  • Alternate: Councillor Jeannie Kanakos
  • Alternate: Councillor Dylan Kruger

Mayor and Council are also represented on the following Metro Vancouver committees:

  • Mayor George V. Harvie
    • Chair of the Industrial Lands Strategy Task Force Committee
    • Mayors Committee
    • Performance and Audit Committee
    • Regional Parks Committee
  • Councillor Bruce McDonald
    • Liquid Waste Committee
    • Zero Waste Committee
  • Councillor Dylan Kruger
    • Climate Action Committee
  • Councillor Jeannie Kanakos
    • Indigenous Relations Committee
  • Councillor Dan Copeland
    • Regional Planning Committee
  • Councillor Alicia Guichon
    • Water Committee

Additionally, Mayor George V. Harvie is Delta’s representative on the Mayors’ Council, which is responsible for approving transportation plans prepared by TransLink and dealing with transportation service levels, major capital projects, regional funding, and borrowing limits. The Mayors’ Council also has regulatory oversight roles related to a variety of key issues. Mayor Harvie will be using his position on the Mayors’ Council to advocate for improved service for Delta residents and businesses.

For more information on this news release, contact the Mayor’s Office at 604-946-3210 or e-mail