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Heritage Commission Scholarship

Aug 27, 2019

The Delta Heritage Advisory Commission (HAC) awarded the 2019 Delta Heritage Commission Scholarship to Stuart Yahn of South Delta Secondary School for his slide presentation of The History of Shipbuilding in Delta.

Stuart’s interest in shipbuilding was inspired by his father who co-owns a tug boat company which is based at the Vito Shipyard in Delta, BC.  Stuart and his father have visited many shipyards across British Columbia together.  Stuart explained as part of his submission that this history is significant as it demonstrates how the early needs of the community for watercraft (whether for transportation or fishing), were met in everyday life.  The local workers and shipyards gained valuable knowledge and expertise with every boat they built.  As the local shipbuilders evolved, larger, more sophisticated vessels were built.  This allowed the shipbuilders to take on more difficult projects and extend their commercial business outside of the local community thus employing many Delta residents.

Stuart is a friend of the Trevisi family who constructed and operated the Vito Shipyard and his presentation includes photos from their private collection.  Stuart has a long standing interest in history and is fascinated with places such as the North 40 Park Reserve in East Ladner.

In the Fall of 2019, Stuart will be attending the University of Victoria to study History in Humanities.