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July 29, 2019 Council Meeting Highlights

Aug 02, 2019

Council Highlights provide an informal summary of key decisions made by Delta Council at each Regular Meeting. The City Clerk provides the complete, formal documentation of Council meetings referred to as minutes.

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Brew Pub Regulation Update

Council approved a recommendation that the City bring forward an amendment to the zoning bylaw pertaining to brew pubs to allow for the sale of other types of alcohol as well as a maximum floor area for the manufacturing of alcohol. Council also approved the recommendation that the City amend its bylaw to allow for brew pubs in more areas. Mayor Harvie requested that staff include the village commercial area of Southlands Village as an allowable location for brew pubs. View the staff report.


Changes to Four Winds Brewing Company Liquor License

Four Winds Brewing Company applied to the Provincial Liquor License and Cannabis Branch (the Branch) for amendments to their liquor license and the Branch has requested input from the City regarding the changes. The brewing company applied to increase their total occupant load as well as expand their existing lounge area. Council supported the liquor licence amendments. View the staff report.


Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Delta

Council endorsed taking steps to promote diversity and inclusion in Delta – both corporately and within the community. Delta will raise awareness by acknowledging community inclusion events and celebrations, advance the City as an inclusive work environment, install four rainbow benches at key community facilities, and establish annual funding to promote diversity and inclusivity. View the staff presentation.


Currency Security at BC Casinos

Council received a presentation from Chief Constable Neil Dubord regarding the Delta Police Department’s examination of security for BC Casinos and safety concerns for Delta’s casino. The City has requested a joint review of cashless gaming systems to better track gambling transactions to individual gamblers. The Delta Police Department will continue to work with outside agencies to ensure that Delta’s casino is not vulnerable to financial crime. View the presentation.


Urban Tree Canopy Update

Council received an update on the City’s urban tree canopy coverage, noting a 40% reduction in the number of tree cutting permits issued from 2014 to 2018. Two key initiatives to improve urban tree canopy are currently in place – the Urban Reforestation Program and Trees for Tomorrow Program. The programs began in 2015 and nearly 5,000 trees will have been planted by the end of 2019. Both programs are working toward the ultimate goal of achieving 40% tree canopy coverage in urban areas. View the staff report.


Banning Plastic Bags in Delta

Council approved the Community Liveability Advisory Committee’s recommendation that staff provide a report on the feasibility, cost, and timeline for action to reduce the quantity of single-use plastic items in Delta – including a ban on single-use plastic checkout bags. Delta began advocating for action on the use of single-use plastic items to senior levels of government in 2008. View the staff report.


Sponsorship Review for UBCM Convention Events by Foreign Governments

Council received information regarding the resolution for the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) to end its practice of accepting financial sponsorship from foreign governments. UBCM has formed a Review Panel that will evaluate the annual convention’s various sources of revenue and has agreed to solicit input from local governments and make recommendations on policies and practices that uphold sound governance, transparency, affordability, and accountability for the event. View the staff report.



Important Dates & Reminders

  • August 5 – City Hall closed for British Columbia Day
  • August 12 – Regular Meeting of Council in North Delta at Kennedy Seniors Recreation Centre

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George V. Harvie, Mayor