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September 17, 2018 Council Meeting Highlights

Sep 19, 2018

Council Highlights provides an informal summary of key decisions made by Delta Council at each Regular Meeting. The City Clerk provides the complete, formal documentation of Council meetings referred to as minutes.


Upcoming Public Information Meeting – GFL Enviro-Smart Composting Facility

Delta is hosting a Public Information Meeting on September 27, 2018 from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Harris Barn on the Green for Life (GFL) Enviro-Smart composting facility. Visit for more information.


Recognition of Delta Islanders Girls Pee Wee Lacrosse Team

Mayor Jackson presented each member of the Delta Islanders Girls PeeWee Lacrosse team with a certificate in recognition of their recent bronze medal win at the 2018 Provincials. Congratulations to the team!


Green for Life Enviro-Smart Composting Facility Update

Council endorsed a staff update in the appeal of the Green for Life (GFL) Enviro-Smart Air Quality Permit. Specifically, Council supports Delta participating as a Third Party in the appeal of GFL’s Air Quality Permit. Third Party status will allow the city to make submissions to the Environmental Appeal Board to work towards a resolution to GFL’s odour issues that addresses residents’ concerns and includes stringent, fair and enforceable conditions to ensure these odour issues are resolved. View the staff report.


Delta Receives ICBC Cost-share Funding for Ten Projects

Council approved the provision of cost-share funding from ICBC in the amount of $157,000 for ten road, traffic signal and crosswalk improvement projects. This funding is part of ICBC’s Road Improvement Program, which provides funding to municipalities for capital projects that could reduce the frequency and/or severity of crashes by improving road safety. View the staff report.


Delta Waives Fees for North Delta Homes Damaged by Fires

Mayor Jackson put forward a motion to assist residents that experienced damage to their homes from the fires that occurred in July 2018. The motion was unanimously endorsed by Council and resolved that any municipal permits needed for house reconstruction or repair due to weather-related fire damage be expedited and municipal fees not covered by insurance, waived for impacted North Delta residents.

Residents that qualify for this initiative are requested to advise City staff when making their application, to help ensure that permits are expedited and fees waived. As well, homeowners that have already paid permit or inspection fees can seek a refund by contacting the Community Planning and Development Department.


Important Dates & Reminders

  • September 24th – Next Regular Meeting of Council @ City Hall
  • September 25th – Public Hearing
  • September 27th – Public Information Meeting: GFL Enviro-Smart Composting Facility
  • October 6th, 10th & 11th  – Advance Voting Days for Local Government Elections
  • October 20th – General Voting Day for Local Government Elections