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July 16, 2018 Council Meeting Highlights

Jul 17, 2018

Council Highlights provides an informal summary of key decisions made by Delta Council at each Regular Meeting. The City Clerk provides the complete, formal documentation of Council meetings referred to as minutes.



2018/2019 PR&C Strategic Work Plan

Council received a 2018-2019 strategic work plan for the Parks, Recreation and Culture department – a document that defines the department’s role and key projects and will be updated on an annual basis to reflect trends and emerging Council priorities. The plan identifies and categorizes a series of projects either as short-term, medium-term or long-term projects. View the staff report and strategic plan.


Composting Facility Site Visits Reveal Odour Control Solutions

Council received information regarding recent staff site visits to large-scale composting facilities in Ontario and Los Angeles. The visits revealed that the methods used to compost organic waste at these state-of-the-art facilities can be achieved without negatively impacting local communities or surrounding businesses. View the staff report.


Council Supports South Delta Secondary School Track Resurfacing

Council approved the provision of 50% of the funding required to the Delta School District (to a maximum of $175,000) to resurface the track at South Delta Secondary School. Delta’s funding is subject to three conditions, which are outlined in the report. View the staff report.


Delta Seeking Additional Measures as part of YVR’s 2019-2023 Noise Management Plan

Council agreed to issue a letter to the Vancouver Airport Authority requesting the inclusion of five initiatives in YVR’s 2019-2023 Noise Management Plan to help establish a baseline for current aircraft noise and flight plans. Delta is also seeking initiatives to improve public consultation and notification from YVR. View the staff report.


Summary of Mayor’s Ottawa Delegation

Council received an update on the recent Mayor’s delegation to Ottawa from June 6-7, 2018. The delegation met with federal government officials from six different agencies, establishing important contacts and advocating on the following issues: Canada’s National Public Alerting System, the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project, Cannabis Legalization and Regulation, and Local Channel Dredging. View the staff report.


Council Supports FVRL Budget Proposal

Council approved FVRL’s proposed 2019 budget, which includes a 3.34% increase ($123,645) over 2018 for Delta, for a total member contribution of $3,825,588. The increase provides additional funding for books and materials and reflects the feedback received earlier this year during the public consultation process for Delta’s Library Plan. The FVRL will vote to finalize the budget at their upcoming September 19, 2018 board meeting. View the staff report.


Delta Responds to Vancouver Fraser Port Authority re: Proposed Land Use Plan Amendments

Council endorsed the submission of Delta’s comments to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority regarding the proposed re-designation of Roberts Bank water lots and certain agricultural lands. Since the review of the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 expansion is not yet complete and details of the expansion have not been confirmed, Delta’s position is that the proposed change in land use designations is premature. View the staff report.


Application Received for Development at 6950 Nicholson Road

Council initiated the consultation process (i.e. public notification, public information meeting) for an application proposal to construct two six-storey apartment buildings (for a combined total of 181 units) at 6950 Nicholson Road. The proposal requires an amendment to Delta’s Official Community Plan, along with rezoning and permits. View the staff report.


Council Supports Promotion of Bird Watching Tourism in Delta

In response to a request that Delta be recognized as part of the Bird & Raptor Capital of Canada, Council approved staff recommendations to support the promotion of Delta as a world-class destination for birds and biodiversity. Leading up to the International Ornithological Congress event occurring from August 19-26, promotional activities include the use of social media, reader boards, temporary signage and street banners, along with exploring opportunities for bird-watching tourism in partnership with community stakeholders.
View the staff report.


Important Dates & Reminders

  • July 21 - Boundary Bay Airshow
  • July 30 - Next Regular Meeting of Delta Council
  • July 31 - Public Hearing
  • August 6 - Public Holiday, Municipal Hall Closed
  • Open Burning Ban in effect until fall 2018