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Mayor Jackson's 2018 Community Update

May 31, 2018

Dear resident, 

For almost two decades, I have served Delta as your Mayor. Before that, I served as a Councillor, the first woman in Delta elected to that position. I have been involved with Delta’s government since 1973, watching 45 years worth of progress and innovation transform the municipality into the wonderful community we call home.

I have seen each of Delta’s three communities – Ladner, North Delta and Tsawwassen – evolve in their own ways from farming and fishing villages into vibrant and diverse communities that, together, make Delta a safe and family-friendly place to live. We value our history and rich heritage while also welcoming the growth and energy that comes from economic innovation.

Of course, any of the goals and dreams that I, or any of the Mayors or Councillors who came before me, may have had could not be realized without the support of the community. With your support, we have been able to make sure our infrastructure grows alongside residential, commercial and industrial developments – that is roads, sewers, sidewalks, recreation centres, libraries, utilities, dikes – and all the other things that make complete and sustainable communities.

Where does your contribution go?

To ensure that we collect only what is needed, Delta staff calculates the annual tax rate for each type of property using the property assessments done by BC Assessment. To learn more, take a look at Delta’s video explaining how your assessment relates to how much you pay in taxes at

This year, Delta Council has approved a 1.95% property tax increase. The breakdown is as follows:


Property Tax Breakdown

Delta Taxes Breakdown based on the average residential property value in Delta of $946,000.


One of the most challenging goals during my tenure as Mayor, has been to eliminate Delta’s $58 million debt. Through fiscal prudency and commitment to no new borrowing, I am extremely proud to announce that Delta has paid off its general debt, five years ahead of schedule. I hope that Delta continues the trend of financial responsibility long after I leave my post as Mayor.

What is truly remarkable about this achievement is how much we have accomplished during this time. From investing in our Neighbourhood Road Improvements Plan and installing five synthetic turf fields, to adding the Delta-owned and operated Senior Shuttle Buses in North and South Delta, our financial goals have never limited our ability to serve the needs of Delta residents. We can attribute this expert financial management to the hard work of Delta Council, the City Manager, and Delta staff.

Continued Investments

In 2017, Council approved a $50 million investment in our community services, all while continuing our no new borrowing policy. Through a variety of funding strategies, Delta is moving forward with numerous capital projects, many of which are important for infrastructure and community revitalization.

Some of these projects include:


We work extremely hard to provide necessary infrastructure upgrades as they directly impact the day-to-day lives of Delta residents. On items that fall under the umbrella of senior governments, Delta Council and staff will continue to advocate for projects that will improve the quality of life and encourage sustainable growth in the region, like the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project.

Public Safety

Delta is continuously looking for ways to better serve the public interest in terms of safety. Over the past 20 years, the Delta Police Department embraced the “No Call Too Small” philosophy of community policing, and strengthening the relationship between the Police and the community. With the impending legalization of cannabis in Canada, the Delta Police Department has been proactive in seeking funding and support to enforce the new legislation around drug impairment to maintain public safety. Delta Police have also been extremely active in efforts to curb the opioid crisis in our area, and have led campaigns to raise public awareness about this very serious issue.

Delta Fire & Emergency Services continues its commitment to Delta citizens through the Emergency Medical Responder Program which allows firefighters to deliver enhanced medical care. Over the next couple of years, through the construction of the Boundary Bay Fire Hall 4 & Emergency Operations Centre, we will continue to provide our first responders with the best available resources to best serve the people in our community.

Moving Forward

And finally, I want to mention how pleased we are to have finally received our official designation as the City of Delta, replacing our longstanding title as “The Corporation of Delta.” I am proud that we have been able to grow and advance our community, while still maintaining our urban-rural identity.

Our commitment to the community has always remained steadfast. We are as responsive as ever to the feedback and concerns of the people we serve. Your input matters, and we look forward to connecting with you through, the TalkDelta app, over social media, or in person.

I have spent a large portion of my life in Delta, and have had the honour of being your Mayor for the better part of two decades. Though my tenure may be coming to an end, I look forward to continuing my advocacy for this community. I know that Delta Council and staff care deeply about this city, and will strive to work together to accomplish great things in the future.

Yours truly,

Lois E. Jackson