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Current Snow and Ice Clearing Updates

Feb 23, 2018

With the abundance of snow headed our way over the next couple of days, please stay safe if it is necessary for you to travel outside. 

Stay up to date by calling Delta's winter road conditions hotline at 604-952-3820. You can also follow Delta's Twitter and Facebook for further updates. 

If you or someone you know needs help clearing snow from the sidewalk or driveway, please contact the Snow Angels by calling 604-346-6067.  

We would also like to remind all commercial property and business owners of their responsibility to clear snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours to ensure the safety of pedestrians. 

To report an emergency, please call 911

For other issues related to municipal services or to report a snow or ice concern, please call 604-946-4141, tweet at us, or use our online Talk Delta Form.

Updated 11:30 am, 2/23/2018
We currently have our full fleet of trucks out clearing our priority routes. All first priority and secondary routes have been pre-salted/brined in anticipation of today's snow event. Please drive safe.

Updated 2 pm, 2/23/2018
Full fleet of trucks is out focussing on priority routes. Crews are also out clearing Delta facility parking lots, priority 1 sidewalks, and farm routes.

Updated 4 pm, 2/23/2018
The entire fleet is still concentrating on snow removal on all priority routes throughout Delta. All primary routes on Annacis have been plowed and salted and the trucks are returning to team up with units working in North Delta.

Please note that despite today’s snowfall our crews will clear and ensure proper access to this weekend's events and celebrations.

Updated 9 pm, 2/23/2018
With snowfall starting again, all trucks have returned to clearing first priority routes. Some of the fleet has been diverted to Ladner, as it is currently experiencing heavy snowfall.

Updated 9 am, 2/24/2018
We experienced steady snowfall in all areas of Delta overnight. Crews are continuing to work on clearing first priority routes this morning.

Updated 4 pm, 2/24/2018
All priority and secondary routes have been cleared. With rain in the forecast, please help by clearing the snow away from catch basins that border your property to allow the snow melt and rain to drain away.