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2018 Board of Variance - Volunteers Needed

Jan 03, 2018

The City of Delta has established a Board of Variance made up of five (5) persons appointed by the Mayor and Council.  The purpose of the Board, as defined by the Local Government Act, is to consider applications in matters related to the provisions of: 

  • A bylaw respecting the siting, dimensions or size of a building or structure, or siting of a manufactured home in a manufactured home park;
  • A bylaw related to the protection of trees;
  • The prohibition of a structural alteration or addition to a non-conforming use or siting, and
  • A subdivision servicing requirement in an area zoned for agricultural or industrial use. 

The Board may order that a minor variance may be permitted, if the Board finds that undue hardship would be caused to the applicant if the provision were required. 

The Board of Variance meets on the third Wednesday of each month, at 1:00 pm, at the Delta City Hall, 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent.  Members are appointed for a three (3) year term and serve without remuneration. Reasonable and necessary expenses that arise directly out of the performance of their duties are reimbursed. 

If you are interested in being appointed to serve as a member of the Board of Variance please submit a brief resume and covering letter, indicating why you would like to serve and any relevant knowledge and experience you may have. 

Please forward submissions by January 31, 2018 to

The Office of the City Clerk
Delta Municipal Hall
4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent
Delta, B.C. V4K 3E2

Fax: 604-946-3390

For additional information, please contact Jana Anderson, Secretary to the Board of Variance at 604-946-3216.