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Delta's Engineering Department Donates Wood to Delta School

May 31, 2017

Recently, Delta's Engineering staff was able to turn an unfortunate situation into a positive story. 

A beautiful black walnut tree in Ladner was slated for removal due to multiple conflicts caused by it's location. Typically, when public trees are removed, they are chipped to be repurposed as mulch or used to create soil. Larger wood can usually be used for other ecological reasons, like carbon sequestration. 

This tree, however, had a grander destiny. 

Because the wood of the black walnut tree is quite unique and valuable, it was thought that it could be put to better use in the community. After contacting the Delta School Board, the Engineering Department resolved to donate the wood to Delta Tech Ed teacher Casey Mynott, providing his students with the opportunity to worth with the high quality lumber.

Currently, the wood is being milled in Maple Ridge and in Vancouver, and will hopefully be ready for students to use shortly. 

It'll be exciting to see some of the finished works that come out of the extra lumber!