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Social Planning in Delta

Mar 21, 2017

Delta’s Community Social Profile is online, and you can find it on the Social Planning webpage. Learn all about Social Planning in Delta, from what it is, to Delta’s role, as well as the 2017 Social Profile and information on more than 130 agencies that provide social services to residents. 

A Social Profile of Delta 

Social Profile of Delta in 2017 is a comprehensive report that provides a point-in-time look at the range of social services that are available in Delta, and identifies strengths and weaknesses within that system. This document will be updated regularly to reflect changes throughout Delta. 

As a next step, Delta's Corporate Social Planner will prepare a Social Action Plan for Delta that will include a series of actions, policies and procedures aimed at strengthening local social infrastructure and improving quality of life for Delta citizens. 


Last year, Delta Council agreed to create a social planner position within Delta. Following this decision, Gillian McLeod was appointed as Delta's Corporate Social Planner and started work in the Human Resources & Corporate Planning Department in March 2016. A critical first priority for the Social Planner was the development of Delta's Social Profile. This report represents a first step towards the integration of social planning into the fabric of Delta’s policy and decision-making. It is a working document that will be updated and reported on annually. 

For more information regarding Delta’s Social Profile or social planning, please visit