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Notice of Reclassification of Delta from District Municipality to City

Jan 31, 2017

The Corporation of Delta gives notice that it is seeking approval of the electors to change the classification of Delta from a District Municipality to a City. The intent of this classification and name change is to clarify Delta’s identity and role as a local government. Based on recent municipal reclassifications at the City of Maple Ridge and West Kelowna which cost approximately $3,000, Delta is focused on minimizing costs and the timeframe associated with this initiative; a process estimated to cost Delta a total of $5,000.

By statute, to be considered a City, a municipality must have a population of over 5,000. The current population of Delta exceeds 98,000. All municipalities are legal corporations, but Delta is the only municipality in British Columbia that actually calls itself the Corporation. In an effort to clarify Delta’s identity as a key municipality within Metro Vancouver, Delta is seeking to change its classification from a District Municipality to a City and accordingly update its name by Letters Patent to the “City of Delta”.

Elector Approval
Council may apply to the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development to change the classification of Delta from a District Municipality to a City unless at least 10% of the electors of the entire municipality of the Corporation of Delta sign elector response forms opposing this initiative and submit them to the Corporation of Delta by the deadline of 4:00 pm on Friday March 31, 2017. If 10% of the electors sign and submit elector response forms by the deadline, Council must obtain assent of the electors before proceeding.

The only persons entitled to sign forms are electors of Delta.

The Corporation of Delta estimates that 6,993 is the number of electors who must submit signed elector response forms in order to prevent Council from applying for a change of classification from a District Municipality to a City without the assent of the electors.

Elector Response Form Locations
Elector responses must be in the form established by the Corporation of Delta. These forms can be downloaded on Delta’s website and are available by request from the following locations:



Delta Municipal Hall

4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Ladner, B.C.,V4K 3E2

Ladner Leisure Centre

4600 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Ladner, B.C., V4K 3X3

South Delta Recreation Centre

1720 – 56 Street, Tsawwassen, B.C., V4L 2B1

North Delta Recreation Centre

11415 – 84 Avenue, North Delta, B.C., V4C 2L9

Sungod Recreation Centre

7815 – 112 Street, North Delta, B.C., V4C 4V9

Want more information?

Copies of staff reports related to this matter are available for public inspection at the Municipal Hall, North and South Delta Recreation Centres and Ladner Leisure Centre, during regular business hours, as well as on the initiative's web page.

You can also contact the Office of the Municipal Clerk with any questions or inquiries regarding this matter by telephone at 604-946-3220 or email