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Open Burning Permits for Agricultural Areas

Oct 11, 2016

Please be advised that effective Tuesday, October 11, open burning with a permit will be allowed in agricultural areas.

Permit applicants are required to present themselves at the Fire Administration Office, during regular business hours to fill out an application.

Once the application is completed, Fire Protection Officers will facilitate the application process by inspecting the site(s), materials to be burned, prior to approval and issuance of the burning permit.

Burning permits are issued for daytime burning only and are for Monday through Friday inclusive - weekend and holiday burning is not permitted. 3 pm each day is the cut-off time for adding further fuel to burn.

Acceptable materials to burn:

  • Agricultural waste materials originating on that property - cut and piled brush, slash, grass, and other organic agricultural materials resulting from the clearing of land.

Each applicant is also required to contact the Metro Vancouver Open Burning Advisory line at 604-436-6777, after 8:30 am, to determine whether atmospheric conditions are favourable on the day of the planned burning.

Anyone burning without a permit or not following the rules of the issued Permit is in violation of Section 5.8.1 of the Fire Bylaw and may result in a cost recovery for fire services as stipulated in Schedule “A” of the Fire Protection & Fireworks Bylaw 5855, 2001.