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July 25, 2016 Council Meeting Highlights

Jul 27, 2016


Boundary Bay Airshow

Mayor Jackson offered congratulations to everyone that made this year’s Boundary Bay Airshow another roaring success. A special thanks was given to all the staff and volunteers that put together and ran the event, and to all the performers that demonstrated flights from the historic P38 Lightning, Harvard Mk4, Harvard IIb, and Nakajima Hayabusa warplanes. The crowd was also treated to a flight of the world’s quietest helicopter, the Eurocopter. Be sure to check out next year’s Boundary Bay Airshow!  


Water Play Area in Memorial Park Replacement

Council approved funding to partner with the Rotary Club of Ladner for the replacement of the water play area in Memorial Park. To fund the play area, $300,000 will be included in the 2017 Financial Plan for the community initiated cost-sharing project. The Rotary Club has been actively fundraising for the project and has secured 50% of the total project cost. As the original sponsor for the waterpark in 1990, staff is pleased to report that the Kinsmen Club of Ladner-Tsawwassen has expressed their full support of the Rotary Club’s proposal. View the staff report. 

British Columbia’s Site Remediation Legal Regime Review

Council endorsed comments to be submitted to the Ministry of Environment by July 31, 2016. The comments are in response of the Ministry’s proposal to remove the soil removal, demolition, and subdivision application triggers from the site identification process, and to require the applicant to do a historical search of past activities at their site as part of the profile submission. Staff are also looking for clarification from the Ministry regarding their intention to create automatic requirements for site investigation, remediation and reporting for any triggering application that has existing or historical Schedule 2 uses. View the staff report.    

Development Permit and Heritage Alteration Permit Amendment – Hawthorne Grove Park

Council approved the permit amendments Development Permit No. LU007192A and Heritage Alteration Permit LU007192A. These amendments allow for the construction of an agricultural implement shed at Hawthorne Grove Park at 4140 Arthur Drive. The proposed 18.3 m x 12.2 m shed would be located at the south east portion of Hawthorne Grove Park, and would house heritage farming equipment that is currently sorted in a variety of farmer’s barns in the community as they are too large to house in a museum. All stored equipment has heritage significance to the community. View the staff report.

View the Council report and complete agenda from the July 25, 2016 Regular Meeting.