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Delta’s Expression of Interest for Gaming Facility

Jun 28, 2016

At the June 27, 2016 Regular Meeting, Delta Council resolved to submit an expression of interest for a gaming facility to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), as outlined in the report by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), George V. Harvie. The expression of interest is a non-binding first-step towards obtaining additional information from BCLC and will begin a dialogue within the community. 

The expression of interest comes in response to a letter sent to Mayor Lois E. Jackson by Brad Desmarais Vice President, Casino and Community Gaming, BCLC on June 1, 2016, inviting The Corporation of Delta to be considered as the host local government for a gaming facility. Local governments of communities that host gaming facilities receive a 10% share of the net income generated by the facility. BCLC estimates that annual local government revenue for a gaming facility South of the Fraser could be between $1.5 million and $3 million. 

The CAO’s report outlined a vision for a gaming facility in Delta as a complete entertainment complex, including a hotel, conference centre, and restaurants, a concept that would be presented to Council should the expression of interest be successful. This complex would be a tourist attraction that aligns with the objectives of Delta’s Tourism Strategy to increase visitor volumes and awareness about Delta as a tourist destination, while extending tourists’ length of stay and spending.

Delta staff recommend that the only viable site for this entertainment complex is the Delta Town & Country Inn property (situated at the intersection of Highways 17A and 99). The eleven acre site is physically separate from Delta’s residential communities, and offers excellent transportation accessibility to people from within and outside of Delta via major transportation corridors, including the replacement bridge for the George Massey Tunnel. The current owner of the Delta Town & Country Inn has also provided a letter expressing support to have the property reviewed as a potential site. 

BCLC has also invited a number of other local governments South of the Fraser to submit expressions of interest for a gaming facility, including the City of Surrey and Tsawwassen First Nation. Considering the likely interest of neighbouring local governments to host a gaming facility, Delta is conscious of the fact that a facility established near Delta’s jurisdiction could have similar community impacts as a facility in Delta without the associated benefits. 

By submitting the expression of interest, Delta has initiated the first steps towards beginning a dialogue on this issue with the community, without binding Delta to hosting a gaming facility. 

View the full report from the CAO on the Gaming Facility – Expression of Interest.

For more information on this news release, contact the Chief Administrative Officer, George V. Harvie, at 604-946-3212 or e-mail