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Mayor Jackson's 2016 Community Update

May 27, 2016

Dear Residents,

As your Mayor, I would like to take this opportunity to update you on a few of Delta’s accomplishments from the last year, and highlight some of the exciting projects that are currently underway or in development. We are constantly improving our community and have committed ourselves to ensuring that Delta remains a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Breaking Down Your Contribution

With our long-term corporate and financial goals in mind, this year’s budget includes a 3.5% property tax increase. This additional contribution is part of Delta’s fiscal management strategy, keeping Delta debt-free, while funding all of our community projects and services.

  • 1.5% for a NEW Emergency Operations Centre, Firehall and Training Facility at Boundary Bay Airport (scheduled for 2018 completion)
  • 1.0% for maintenance of government services
  • 0.5% for the hiring of three new police officers and two Delta Police Department civillian staff
  • 0.5% for the life cycle replacement reserve for Delta's five synthetic turf fields

Looking Forward to Delta’s Projects

In conjunction with the projects funded through property taxes, your contributions continue to fund our core services, including our Neighbourhood Road Improvements Plan. This past year, we saw:

  • 12 new roads projects completed
  • 5.2 km of watermain replacements
  • 2.2 km of sewer upgrades

Significant upgrades throughout Delta will continue to be made, with 15 projects slated for this year, including Delta Street, Arthur Drive, Nordel Way, and many others. This plan addresses streetscape, sidewalk, and paving improvements, as well as cycling, traffic signal and utility upgrades.

Of course, we have other major projects in mind with which we’re excited to move forward. Our engineers are working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure on the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project and look forward to staying on track with the 2017 start date. The new bridge will help alleviate some of the congestion on the Alex Fraser Bridge during peak traffic times, as well as improve transit, cycling and pedestrian options, and air quality on both sides of the crossing. Since the replacement bridge will be tolled, I’ve suggested that regional tolling could serve as an additional funding method as a means for bridge and infrastructure maintenance while removing the traffic strain on other crossings.

Delta continues with the development of the Winskill Park Master Plan. A major component of this project includes receiving feedback and input from three major community groups: the general public, stakeholders, and community organizations. Through mid-June, Delta is seeking your involvement through a series of meetings. The schedule can be found at

The more thorough the involvement of the community, the more this project will best represent the needs of the community that uses Winskill Park.


Celebrating Delta’s Achievements

Naturally, Delta staff has prioritized the development of our communities to reiterate our ethos of cultivating a community where residents can live,work, and play. The North Delta Recreation Centre Expansion is a perfect representation of this, and we invite the community to enjoy this new-and-improved, state-of-the-art facility, just in time for Spring and Summer.

Protecting the Public and the Environment

Delta Police and Delta Fire & Emergency Services have consistently provided our community with excellent crime prevention strategies and world-class emergency response.

Apart from keeping us safe, Delta Police, alongside our Engineering Department, is also playing a significant role in addressing the Annacis Island traffic congestion that has proven to be problematic for so many of our local businesses and residents. Delta Fire & Emergency Services has responded to 4,250 total calls with a 10% increase in medical calls since Emergency Medical Responder service began in June.

In keeping with our reputation as a safe community,we demonstrated our readiness in dealing with reoccurring weather events like King Tides, whereas unexpected events, like the 4.7 earthquake on December 29, 2015, reminded us to revisit our own personal preparedness in the event of an emergency. These services are vital in helping us manage an ever changing climate.


As Delta grows, we are increasingly responsible for creating a sustainable community and protecting the environment. From large environmental initiatives like the Agricultural Climate Change Adaptation Plan and the Urban Reforestation Project, to carbon neutrality regulations and smaller projects like the unwaste it. program at our facilities, we are constantly evolving into a greener municipality. Delta will continue to invest in developing ourselves as an environmentally conscious community and a leader in green initiatives.

Continuing Community Engagement

With all of these active and upcoming projects, many of which will affect our day-to-day lives, we must continue to be engaged with the public we serve. These projects are designed to improve services to our community and strengthen our economy, encouraging businesses and families to establish themselves and invest in Delta.

The Corporation of Delta staff, and myself, want to continue this dialogue, through whichever medium you see fit.

It is my privilege to continue to serve as your Mayor. Together, we can ensure that Delta continues to be a community of which we can be proud.

Yours truly,

Mayor Lois E. Jackson