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Metro Vancouver returns to Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Sep 09, 2015

Effective immediately, Metro Vancouver has moved back to Stage 2 water restrictions until further notice.

With stage 2 regulations lawn sprinkling is permitted at the following times:


  • Even-numbered addresses Monday mornings 4 am to 9 am 
  • Odd-numbered addresses Thursday mornings 4 am to 9 am


  • Even-numbered addresses Wednesday mornings 1 am to 6 am 
  • Odd-numbered addresses Tuesday mornings 1 am to 6 am

In addition to lawn sprinkling regulations, there are other water use restrictions when Stage 2 of the Water Shortage Response Plan is activated. Some examples are:

  • Private and commercial washing of driveways, sidewalks, and parkades as well as pressure washing are only allowed for health and safety purposes. Aesthetic purposes are not allowed.
  • Sports and sand-based playing fields may only use the minimum level of water needed to keep them in usable conditions.
  • Water use is also prohibited for public and commercial fountains and water features.

Learn more about Stage 2 lawn sprinkling regulations.

Metro Vancouver will continue to monitor the daily reservoir levels and our water consumption, to determine if usage and supply have stabilized. Once established that usage is within the normal range of consumption and reservoirs are remaining within normal levels, Metro Vancouver will have the opportunity to further relax water use restrictions.