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Kittson Residence Update

Apr 01, 2015

Memorandum from Jeff Day, Director of Engineering, the Corporation of Delta:

This memorandum provides a summary of the steps taken in an effort to preserve the Kittson Residence at 9230 Ladner Trunk Road. 

In June 2011, an application was received for the demolition of the Kittson Residence. The Heritage Advisory Commission reviewed the application in July 2011 and recommended to Council that temporary heritage protection be established based on the significance of the building. Delta Council established temporary heritage protection to enable time to consider options for retaining the dwelling. 

During the protection period and the three years after it expired, a number of interested persons have explored many relocation options in consultation with Delta and the property owner. Delta staff also consulted with Nickel Brothers, a building moving company, to understand the actual limitations regarding moving this building and reviewed properties within the area in an effort to identify potentially suitable ones to accommodate this home. The property owner allowed access to all parties interested in relocating the house. No suitable sites were found. Access was also provided to a Heritage Commission Member so the floor plan of the house could be documented. 

In an effort to let as many people as possible know about the need to find a new location for this building, the property owner advertised the house for sale for $1.00 in local newspapers. In addition, the local papers featured the home and its planned demolition on more than one occasion. The property owner also offered a $20,000 contribution to anyone who would relocate the home. 

Despite the efforts made by many, no solution to retain the house has been found. All requirements for issuance of the demolition permit were met and the property owner has recently picked up the demolition permit. A historic title search has been completed for archival purposes. 

The Heritage Advisory Commission members salvaged materials from the house on Friday, March 6, 2015. The owner has advised that six to eight weeks will be needed to make arrangements and complete demolition following salvage.