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December 8, 2014 Council Meeting Highlights

Dec 10, 2014


Air Quality in Delta & Lower Fraser Valley
Council viewed a presentation by Metro Vancouver representatives, Roger Quan, Air Quality and Environment, and Ken Reid, Superintendent, Environmental Sampling and Monitoring, about air quality in Delta and the lower Fraser Valley. The presentation noted that the regional ambient air quality has generally improved. View the presentation.


North Delta Recreation Centre Expansion Update
Council received an update on the North Delta Recreation Centre Expansion. Construction commenced on July 7, 2014, and continues to progress on budget. Upcoming key milestones for December include completion of all main floor concrete walls and columns, and commencement of structural steel columns and roof for the gym area. The project is expected to be complete in fall 2015. View the staff report.  View project details and progress photos. 

2015 Council Meeting, Public Hearing and Acting Mayor Schedules
Council approved the 2015 Council Meeting, Public Hearing and Acting Mayor Schedules for next year. View the staff report. View the 2015 Council Meeting Schedule.

$195,000 to be invested in Burns Bog research from Canpotex Wetland Compensation Agreement
Council directed staff to execute a compensation agreement, drafted by Delta, Metro Vancouver and the Prince Rupert Port Authority, for a term of five years for the distribution and use of $195,000 for hydrology research in Burns Bog.

To compensate for the loss of wetland due to construction of infrastructure on Ridley Island, Prince Rupert, B.C., Canpotex Terminals Ltd. and the Prince Rupert Port Authority have created a habitat compensation plan that includes the allocation of $195,000 to Metro Vancouver to help fund the highest priority research items for the management and restoration of Burns Bog. View the staff report.

Wastewater Treatment System Funding Request
Council approved the staff recommendation to send a letter to The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs, requesting a long-term dedicated federal fund to assist communities with the capital cost of rebuilding and upgrading wastewater systems, which is required in part due to new regulations implemented by the federal government in January 2013. View the staff report.

Truck Restrictions on Ladner Trunk Road

With the highway improvements at the Matthews Interchange now complete, Council approved staff recommendations to seek TransLink Board approval to remove Ladner Trunk Road between Highway 17A and 72 Street as a truck route. To maintain access to Boundary Bay Airport and road network connectivity for goods movement, staff recommends that TransLink update the Major Road Network to include 72 Street (between Ladner Trunk Road and Churchill Street), Churchill Street (between 72 Street and 80 Street), and 80 Street (between Ladner Trunk Road and Churchill Street) as truck routes. View the staff report.

Rail Safety and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Council received a report providing a summary of recent rail safety meetings between Delta and the five railway companies that own or operate track in Delta. Each rail company has established safety protocols with regards to the transportation of dangerous goods, and Delta Fire & Emergency Services continues to work closely with the companies to protect the community. View the staff report.

Canada Transportation Act Review
Council endorsed a submission to the Canada Transportation Act review panel that identifies the importance of developing inland port facilities and supports the movement of goods through the Roberts Bank terminal. The federal government is undertaking a statutory review of the Canada Transportation Act and is seeking submissions to its advisory panel. View the staff report.

Roberts Bank Terminal 2 – Scope of Environmental Assessment
Council approved staff recommendations to request that the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency ensure the scope of the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 environmental impact assessment includes a full assessment of the broader community and environmental impacts associated with the traffic impacts of the project. View the staff report.

Coal Dustfall Monitoring Update
Council received an update on the recent coal dustfall monitoring conducted by Delta staff. As part of the 2014 monitoring strategy, samples were collected for the month of October 2014 from five separate locations: North 40 Park, Kensington Park, John Oliver Park, north of Delta Golf Course, and Westview Drive. Results show that all of the samples were within the Air Quality guidelines for total dustfall. The next (and remaining) month of sampling is scheduled for January 2015. View the staff report.

Winter Season Preparedness
Council received a report on the Engineering Department’s preparation for this year’s winter season. As always, winter road maintenance is based upon the approved priority routes established under Delta’s Snow and Ice Control Policy. Residents are advised to call the Winter Road Conditions Hotline at 604-952-3820 or visit to stay updated about snow and icy road conditions. View the staff report.

Ladner Village Wayfinding Sign

Council approved the design of a new “Welcome to Ladner Village” wayfinding sign. During Arthur Drive and Ladner Trunk Road intersection construction, an inspection of the previous sign revealed irreparable damage and the sign had to be retired. The new sign is composed of key elements, including a fishing boat, heron and tractor, that represent Ladner’s heritage and natural environment, and will be cut out and backlit with LED lighting to increase visibility. View the staff report. View the presentation.


Issued by the Office of the Mayor – December 10, 2014

View the Council reports and complete agenda from the December 8, 2014 Regular Meeting of Council

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