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Remember to Recycle Your Pumpkin after Halloween

Nov 01, 2014

Recycle your pumpkin after Halloween this year and keep it out of the landfill. Pumpkins will be collected with Green Can and yard trimmings material and taken to a local composting facility to be turned into nutrient-rich soil. 

How to Recycle Your Pumpkin

Place pumpkins inside or beside your Green Can, yard trimmings can or Kraft paper bag.  The maximum weight for green waste containers is 20 kg.

If you don’t receive curbside green waste collection, you can take your pumpkin to Enviro-smart Organics composting facility in Ladner (4295 72 Street). There is no charge for Delta residents. For more information, contact Enviro-smart Organics at 604-946-0201.

Pumpkins can also be placed in your backyard composter (break them into smaller pieces first so they break down faster).